It Requires Energy to Move to a Different Place

It requires energy to move to a different place, psychologically, than you are at right now. It is easy to just let things be and to continue to buy into the way you are. If you don’t conform to the expectations that others have about you and that you, in fact, have about yourself, then what are you going to do? Who are you going to be?

Spirit and determination are required to change things around in your life. Perhaps it requires that you develop attitude about the challenges facing you for change. Change isn’t easy; growth is always hard, but passing up your opportunities to make the changes you need to make and experience the growth that is waiting for you will eventually kill your spirit. You don’t have to look far to see bitter old people who look back over their lives and see that it was all for nothing. They never found the path to joy, fulfillment, and genuine productivity.

Now in the twilight of their lives they look forward with dread towards the grave knowing that their lives amounted to nothing important. They leave nothing behind. Their pathway never took them through the sense of joy and fulfillment that would have been theirs if they had found their dreams. On the other hand, we all know elderly people who approach the end of their lives with perfect peacefulness that comes from knowing that they had found their purpose and lived it with passion. Leonardo da Vinci pointed out a profound truth, “As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.”
Learn to make decisions based upon this higher view of your life. Avoid taking actions and making decisions on the basis of any feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or unhappiness laid on us by other people. Perhaps your decisions will displease some people, but don’t let their disapproval drive you away from doing what you know will be right for you. Stop worrying about what the world thinks of you and of the decisions you make.

The fact is that the world is less interested in what you do than you imagine it is.
The destination is not the ultimate aim. The joy comes from the journey. Purpose is bound up in the process.

Bon voyage!

Jim White, PhD
Author & Creator of What’s My Purpose?

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16 Responses to “It Requires Energy to Move to a Different Place”

  1. ana Says:

    Do you have any women blogs you can suggest. I see a lot of men, and I am seeking more women, since I am one and its easier to see myself in like form. Thank you.

  2. Nadine Says:

    Jim, You are right, I have not heard of you before, but I know I was directed to you for a reason and I am anxious to hear your seminar and to read the chapters you freely gave to me — I am on this road to changing my life - and to live my purpose and passion and I know what it is - I am trying to move in that direction — feels a little slow right now - but I move forward each day - I look forward to hearing you! Thanks!

  3. Max Ikbal Says:

    I guess people would be much more happier if they saw this world as a transitory place and did not care too much about what would happen tommorow. Don’t get me wrong, planning for the future is important, but you can’t kill yourself by freakin out about the problems of tommorow.

    Life is a challenge, and if you can be content with what you have right now and at the same time strive for more, than you’re a champion.

  4. Bernadine Says:

    AWESOME!!!AWESOME!!! Fate brought me in contact with you
    this evening. Just as I am in the process of life changing
    and thinking of ways and means to begin,a friend sent me
    this Johnny Wimbrey forward and I found you. First time
    hearing about you. Can’t wait to hear the Seminar tomorrow.

  5. RobC Says:

    I made my statement of intention here a couple of weeks ago and less than 24 hours after I did I found what I believe to be try purpose, my big idea if you like.

    I realize the power of committing to something, now I have committed further by putting my plans in motion.

    In actual fact the “thing” I realized was my purpose, born out of my passion (music) I was actually already doing. I just realized that was exactly what I wanted to make my job!

    It’s always closer than you may at first think. Thank you for helping me kick-start everything.

  6. Pam Says:

    Thank you Jim! I have been on the path of change and deliberate creation of finding my purpose in lie since October of 2007. I am still on this so called journey and truly feel I am getting closer to it everyday. Now I found your blog and it seems like destiny.

  7. Ines Says:

    Dear Jim i am very happy that you are helping people to find their purpose in life, i was reading the free chapters of your book and sudenly realized that my pasion is to become a photographer or a mor moovie recorder, i also love to become a news producer or be a news reporter, yo must think ok go head start, how? i am 54 years old , and a single mom without a Job, i am depress , i don’t see to much drive? i have been bumping from job to job in life trying to cope with my empty feelings in lin life, soo i am thinking? is it to late? should i just go ahead an pursue my pasion ? or just go an take any of those jobs that are available for me? i have a lot of responsabilities on my shoulders so i don’t think i can start a new carreer at my age, but any ways , i will keep thinking about my purspose to see how can i accomplish it, thank you for this opportunity.

    Ines R

  8. Neil Says:

    These words are really touching me right now. The “Universe” is working in remarkable ways in so many lives, but its working almighty fast in mine right now. To be the best I can be I need to avoid taking actions and making decisions on the basis of any feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or unhappiness laid on us by other people or by myself.

    I have my core beliefs and my general purpose. I have some very general thoughts for directions in my life but I’m still waiting for that moment when I can say YES thats it, lets go for it.

    Thanks Jim for being part of my challenge right now. If not for an email I got from you when I got it (the excact timing) then I wouldn’t have those general thoughts. I belive my purpose is coming together and it will be molded with that of my beautiful wife Anona.

  9. Linda Powell Says:

    My life’s purpose ,Wow I am 61 years old and have been
    searching for my life’s purpose for a long time .More so
    now that my husband passed away with cancer 3 yrs ago .
    I was married at the age of 15 and had my first daughter
    Kathleen soon after and a second Venessa 9 yrs after that .
    What a journey it has been .You never know what will happen
    from one day to the next .
    I have 5 beautiful grand children that I adore and love,
    ages are 8 yrs to 13 yrs ,I must mention their dads are
    great as well .
    I am having the biggest challenge with life at the moment
    Going from having the best of everything to struggle street…
    The universe is dishing out my lessons of which I will learn
    and it all seems to be about money .I need it to survive.
    Life’s Purpose .
    I felt my purpose was to be there for my family but when
    I look back the emptiness has always been there in me .
    What is it that I am looking for ?
    Today there are so many people that are not earning what
    they need to just to pay the rent and put food on the table
    and now petrol in the car to go to work .But there are many
    people that are happy and content ,so there are many stages
    in our life’s journey.
    There are so many people out there that have a story and
    and could write a book about their life’s journey .
    I always remember when I was at Primary school and we had
    and ants nest in the class that we were watching day by day
    I often think about it the way the busy workers kept on
    working to keep the nest going ,this is what life seems to
    be about ,survival .We all need to find our Purpose in life
    I have read so many books about it so I hope it comes to
    me soon .I know I have to make it happen and help as many
    people as I can to get there as well .

  10. donna Says:

    Jim, I am getting so much from your teaching. I have chronic
    back pain and had an operation.
    Still on medication and completed a degree I am in the
    process of leaving an abusive marriage- with 4 kids 11-15.
    This is hard, but it is time, and I believe God will supply
    everything I need. My part is to keep doing my part.
    In the midst of all the crap I have managed to find a great
    church and run pastoral care (which I love). I also teach
    and do womens groups.
    Will be praying for you Ines R, for direction and work.
    I too am job hunting (part time) which is hard with my
    Ines every time you think what you cant do, think about
    what you can do, all your amazing gifts and talents,
    you are a woman after all!
    In my life many things are impossible- so i am leaning on
    God and the supportive people around me.
    If anyone wants to pray or ask the universe- we need an
    affordable house to rent, a part time job, a reliable car
    (or mine fixed- -quoted $800 and have no money).The car
    hurts my neck,shoulders and back as steering needs fixing).
    Have a great week,

  11. Kalpana Says:

    I am so glad I took the time and opened this page and read the comments…I am not alone! A fact, which I was definately aware of and yet did not really believe it! To have lived 50 years without realising life’s purpose, looking, searching, feeling empty inspite of having raised children, loved, lost, …and now to start afresh is scary - have never been much of an adventurer! Being left and abandoned by one’s partner/spouse is not the best of things to happen at any age, leave alone at 50! But, that is how the cookie has crumbled and one has to eat! To find my purpose which will help earn a living…??? Courage, my heart, courage - is what I keep telling myself! And your words go a long way in helping me keep afloat!

  12. Lily Finch Says:

    I certainly believe your purpose is a divine one that is sorely needed on the planet today. And as for needing great energy to move to a new place, I wholeheartly agree. What I question is that my coaching or a course such as this can do that job. I founded AlchemEnergy ™ because I knew that the only way to go to a new level was to have the old energy transformed and transmuted into a new and higher energy. You can’t change lead to gold without having and owning the lead first (metaphorically.) The problem is that it usually takes a true ‘cracked and broken heart’ to muster the energy sufficient to allow the transformation to begin and let in the light of that new higher truth/energy. I have found that alot of people, no matter how much we do to lead them to water, they simply do not want to drink. I do not say this fatalistically but with complete peace as I know that whatever the choice…It is perfect. To avoid growing to the next level means more pain and more pain means a greater motivation when the ‘ante gets upped’ to muster the painful energy forth once again, to be transformed/transmutes. Until that happens from the agency of each person, it seems that we will see few Phoenix’ rising from the ashes.

    You are an inspiration to me and I am grateful to be one of your students.

  13. Marion Says:

    Although this was posted days ago, it was just the right thing for me to read today. I’m just starting out in a new business. Thanks

  14. Karen Hoffman Says:

    Ana,Check out .  Some friends of mine and myself are trying to help women explore their passions and collaborate with information, ideas and connections via on line social network.  My partner-Angela lieb, started the Ignite for Women on ning.  Good luck.  Finding your passion and purpose is huge, the next piece is how can you profit from the passion and purpose you were gifted with.

  15. Dorcy Russell Says:

    beautifully spoken thank you for being a light to show so
    many people the way. The world around us is awakening.
    People are becoming conscious, and through consciousness
    comes quantum leaps and shifts that must take place for this
    world to survive.

    Create a great day,
    Dorcy Russell
    A Hollywood Life

  16. Shirley Says:

    Thank You ever so much for all you do for everyone around our world if they need a new way to find their purpose. Jim, I have been puzzeled for a year since we moved here in Indiana, from Minnesota were I was living my purpose, as a hair dresser and helping people make themselves feel good. The saying is if you look good you feel good, some times true but also I felt I was more a consulor along with making their outside look good I healed a lot of hearts. Then I had to leave all that and move. My own heart felt like it left me. But as I have listened to you and read your book I have found a new purpose on how to help people and we as a loving group of people share it as you say give and you will receive, it is so true. If you would like to print this in your blog I could help a lot of people that are in need of money, like I was a few weeks ago. God works in all kinds of ways and I thank him everyday. And sometimes we let ourselves fall on our face before we ask him to pick us up. So if I could be of any help you have my purmisson to post my email . God Bless, Shirley


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