You Can Make an Assessment of Your Abilities in Order to Help Uncover Your Purpose.

You can make an assessment of your abilities in order to help uncover your purpose. These gifts can be a clue to your purpose; they can help you fulfill whatever it is you believe you are here to do. Talents might include athletic abilities, dexterity, musical talent, taste, artistic abilities, a sense of humor, comfort with numbers, and so on. Make a mental list, or write on a sheet of paper, at least five of your talents. The items on your list and the relative strength of each of them become part of what makes you unique as a person.

Many people cannot identify five talents. Perhaps this is the first time you have taken the time to think about your talents. Perhaps you minimize or ignore them because they come easily to you. This is a way you diminish yourself and mask your passion. But when something comes easily to you, this is a clue that it is one of your talents. Armed with this basic self-awareness, you can make an impact in the world.
Another way to get a handle on your abilities is to pick out five people who know you very well and ask them these questions:

• What do you think makes me special?
• Do you think there is anything about me that is unique?
• What are my talents?

Write down the answers they give you and compare these to your own list. Think about your skills, which are competencies that come from training, experience, or education. Take an inventory of the skills you know you have. Write them down on a sheet of paper.

Identify confluences between your skills and talents as a method of uncovering a potential purpose. If you have a skill as a writer and a talent for communication, for example, perhaps your purpose in life will be as a journalist. Or perhaps you will create a world-changing blog. Try to develop skills in areas where you have talents and let your purpose emerge. Your unique blend of talents and skills will provide a clue to your passions.

The destination is not the ultimate aim. The joy comes from the journey. Purpose is bound up in the process.
Bon voyage!

Jim White, PhD
Author & Creator of What’s My Purpose?

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29 Responses to “You Can Make an Assessment of Your Abilities in Order to Help Uncover Your Purpose.”

  1. Ronald L. Stock Says:

    I am looking forward to living my life with a driven purpose.
    I have wasted too much time in my life “spinning my wheels”.
    I strongly desire to be a Great,Tremendous Financial Blessing
    to millions and millions and millions of People throughout
    the World. I will achieve these goals with GOD’s Blessings
    and Favor,and I will be giving to several True-Faith Ministries
    and to Good Charitable Organizations as well.
    To all the People who desire to find and use their
    Gifts and Talents to better this World: May all of your efforts
    and endeavors Be Truly Blessed!!!

    May GOD Bless you Good and Well!!!

  2. Kayleen Says:

    Hi! I wanted to let you know what has resulted from me and some friends reading Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles. I wrote about it for the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel newspaper. We formed a Master Mind group and it’s been a success. I’ve written four children’s book in the past year for a publisher and my two friends have each brought out new products and focused on their career objectives. We thank people like you for motivating us to change from mediocre to fabulous! Thanks a million! I’ll be reading your blog regularly.

  3. Earlene J. Kirkpatrikc Says:

    Thank you for putting this into the Universe for people to read and hopefull realize there is no need for fear when we know Our Own Personal Purpose and stop receiving the negative energy that is being pushed at us daily, when we do this we are feeding the negative energy when we stop we deplete.We are to awaken for we have been asleep for a very long time, we have help create in our whoworld what is happening at this time and we can not change all, we are creator, we are with power to change our life. We have created our lifes up to this point, NOW is the time to take charg and not be slaves any longer,take back our Freedom and become Sovereign individuals, not matter what others may think or call us, we must stand for our own rights for others are taking them away daily and we think we can not do anything about it, but we can and it starts with just “one” making a change and sharing and leaving FEAR BEHIND!

  4. Pam Caldell Says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea! I have been trying to live my life purpose but have it some bumps in the road. Thank you for keeping me focused and reminding me that I truly to have a driven purpose
    I lost a young grandson this last year and it felt like two steps forward and ten steps back. Sometimes I just need someone two remind me that I need to go forward no matter what comes my way.

  5. monica lombardi Says:

    Hi, this is exciting news,because the path to true purpose is exactly the principles of kabbalah teacus, our true purpose is to be like god, to be unconditional, non judgemental, and always giving from a place of no agenda, this is our true purpose, of course finding the pathway that leads us to discover this committment is as individual as the clothing we wear, yet the universe has only one set of principle rules, this is to free the world of pain, suffering and chaos, and yes by each and everyone of us, transforming our thoughts it will and is already happening have the ripple effect in a positive way,not the harmful way we have been living our lives, because every soul has contributed to the chaos in the world, i am so excited that there is so much information and educational services to help all of us find our true purpose and most importantly it is no good just to be a scholar in any of the above subjects, if you are not living the principles, we say in kabbalah, connect, learn & transform..We must all be unified in this quest, there is no other way. Tthankyou for the work you and your team contribute to the world, i am happy to be part of this movement..

  6. Tracie Says:

    I am so excited about this. Thank you Jim

  7. donald batters Says:

    We matter; our minds are SIGNIFICANT, and we can thankfully free to
    employ them in support of one another. A joyful world on
    it’s way. I’m glad to join in.

  8. Mary Says:

    I want to live my life with purpose, and join you on your journey!

  9. Nancy Says:

    Thank you for the reminder. What a powerful question! It
    puts things in perspective and moves things which may have
    been rusty for awhile. I am so wanting this. I plan to hang
    on and hold tight because I want to fly! I love the idea of
    an entire world living ‘on purpose’. What an awesome idea!
    God bless to everyone!

  10. Wendi Says:

    As we know, there are no coincidences … however, I still get blown away as yet another opportunity arises! Your incredible plan resonates completely with the Path I’ve been on which has recently begun to accelerate unbelievably and here you are, Jim, to move the process along EVEN MORE! I can’t thank you enough for your kind offer. Bless you and I look forward to being part of this Movement! It’s so exciting to be part of this ever-quickening pace of the Evolution of Consciousness.

    Many Thanks Jim!

  11. Alice Says:

    Awesome move. It will even be more wonderful as
    we join together all the time to make a
    difference not only in our own lives but in the
    lives of trillions!

  12. rachel Says:

    LOVE IS THE WAY, love for each other. When i was a child my nan used to take me to chapel with her, she would go every sunday with her when i would stay there. she wold have prefered to go to church but as that was the only place of worship in the village, she went always saying that god woul’nt mind! My family is not very religious like most peopple we attend at special occasions,but one sunday it was a family service and my nan , (who was the most beautiful person in the world, i would have walked on hot coals for her) asked me if i would learn a verse from the bible and stand up when the minister asked and repeat it, so i did, feeling sick i sat in church next to my nan feeling sick, waiying for that dreadful moment when i would have to stand up and speak ( i was very shy, finally the mininster called for any children to stand up and recite verses they had learnt and on weak knees i stood feeling the cold draughts blowing around me as i stood, he turne and nodded at me , and i said, God Is Love. the minister carried on the sermon from that point taking on my very words , i sat and my nan turned at looked down at me and smiled, such a smile i could have burst with pride!!!!!, i was on top of the world! at that moment i was so happy because i had made her happy, she was happy because the minister took my words and used them, but it wasnt till a few years ago , and i am now 35, that i realise dwhat she had given me, how all the things the made me happy linked together with love. Elisabeth my nan was love embodied for me, she gave me soo much i thanks the universe every day for letting me know her, sadly she died before she saw my husband or children, but she is around i know, but the words hse left in my head were the most percious gift of all god is love and in that staement you can do and be anything even if you dont believe in an ominpitent being( i dont believe) but god is just another name for the universe, and in that you see how she too new the secret. i am just learning about the secret, but it is very exciting to know that i can change the world, life is good , it is going to get better, keep joy and love in your hearts, hugs to all, cant wait to live in our new world!!!!

  13. Paula Says:

    I am so excited about further defining and expanding upon
    my life’s purpose. In my career as an occupational
    therapist I have been committed to making a difference in

  14. Paula Says:

    the lives of children and adults with various challenges
    and disabilities. My purpose has shifted from working on a one
    one to one basis to enhance the lives of others to making a
    difference on a more global level. I am loving this journey
    and am thrilled to be one of the one million people living
    ‘on purpose’ and fulfilling my dreams!

  15. Jan Says:

    Wow, this is exciting. I have been reading books and participating in the different systems of each author. Each one giving me more information and allowing me to develop into a better being. I’m excited about your book and what special latent talents I may discover about myself and to share with others your process to achieve a journey into learning and living their life purpose. Thanks you. Love and Gratitude, Jan.

  16. Marlene Says:

    I’m looking forward to find my purpose. I’ve spent years now not feeling passionate about anything that I could describe, and have been wondering at age 60 what’s next, where to now and how do I live my dreams if I don’t know what they are.

    Thanks for the invite to work towards realizing my purpose, and making the world a better place by doing so.

  17. Patricia Leonaitis Says:

    Hi, I’m 76 and I definI truly believe in living life with a purpose. My first purpose was to become a nurse, which I did. I worked at that for 34 years and retired at age 60 in 1991. I have another purpose. I have published a book of poems, and almost have a couple of more ready for publication. I am now taking a course in copy-writing and another one in marketing. I have been married twice and my first husband and I raised three great kids and have four grand children and one great grandchild. I am very glad to find you for you sound like people who want to serve . Thanks much for all your kind words. They are truly appreciated. Pat Leonaitis

  18. Talent Development Resources - the psychology of creative expression and personal development Says:

    [...] Continued: You Can Make an Assessment of Your Abilities in Order to Help Uncover Your Purpose. [...]

  19. Joan Says:

    Your blog and many of the comments are inspiring.

    At the risk of sounding whiney, I just want to state where I am on this journey of finding purpose. Four years ago I chose to end my longtime professional career with the intent of moving in a new direction. Things did not exactly work out according to my plan, so I guess I was off track.

    I have done many assessments of my abilities, talents and skills, both alone and with the help of others, but I still find myself in this place of not being sure where to take the next step.

    I remain hopeful and optimistic about the future, but just wanted to post this in case there are others who find themselves in the same position, but don’t want to feel foolish that they haven’t yet figured it all out.

    Thanks Jim for your intention and I commit to joining you in living my life’s purpose!


  20. Pattie Says:

    I need this! I move along with purpose for a while and then find myself lost again, not thinking positively and wondering how I can do/be more.

    I’m looking forward to being a part of this move and can’t wait for the class

  21. Karen Says:

    I am ready to commit to living my life’s purpose, and thank
    you, Jim, for helping me and everyone else do this!
    Blessings to all in your (and our collective) journeys!
    Love to all, Karen

  22. Mary G Says:

    With so many wonderful people accepting this challenge, we cannot fail to move mountains.Love to all, especially those who dare to claim their authentic Holiness

  23. Mary G Says:

    With so many wonderful people accepting this challenge, we cannot fail to move mountains.Love to all, those who dare to claim their authentic Holiness. Often overlooked is that some of uscame to raise our frequencies,thereby uplifting world energies to a higher level.That alone being our soul purpose

  24. George Ferguson Says:

    First I must say,thanks to all the beautiful people who cares enough to share their knowledge on helping others finding their purpose.A mental shift is happening,taking us to a higher level to enable us to find an enable our purpose,uplifting individuals,nations, and eventually the world,I am commited to find my purpose.

  25. Krystyna Says:

    Great question. My abilities in order to help
    uncover purposes are: live nicer, simple, genuine.
    Love and be loved. Think smarter, but be good person always.
    Learn, learn because is never enough. I’m looking forward
    to learn more from you.

  26. shaun stephenson Says:

    As thoughts of suicide crossed my mind a few days ago,
    then today July 8th didn’t seem any better— something
    inside me keeps me going It’s my faith and belife that
    there is a GOD– Jim I want to say THANK YOU! for I got up this
    morning asking for direction and guidance, never here of your book
    but there is a reason your work and passion came across my path
    I’ve just published my first book– on my journey of coming to
    America— called Faith vs Fate–The Shaun Stephenson Story
    Thanks also to those individuals who share their stories and
    thoughts and inspiration on the blog. By Sprit we are connected
    to the One Source of LIFE!! Jim keep up the Great Work
    and I hope to meet you someday.

  27. Jim Loesch Says:

    Jim, you are so right about having a purpose. It will make a difference in all that you do, especially when faced with various illnesses or set backs. With purpose comes a way to overcome all sorts of obstackles and barriers. Everyone will succeed!

  28. Otto Says:

    I am so glad that you connected purpose with talents and
    passion. It is so rich to explore these profound
    connections in yourself and support others to do the same.
    As a genius coach I am excited to be part of this growing
    community and look forward to the call on Saturday.

  29. Keith Cook Says:

    Thank you for your insight and concern. I believe finding your purpose as young as you can and figuring out how to make a living at it should be the only subject in school. Thank you again. Much success in all you do!


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