A Prescription For Unity: Purpose, Like The Olympics, Brings Us Together

The Olympics serve as a strong reminder that we are a one-world people. Karl Jung favored the Games’ main graphical symbol, the interlocking rings, because they signified the wholeness and continuity that runs through the human race. Those rings tell us that the language, practices and government of a particular people do nothing to loosen or damage the connections that bind us all.

Those connections take on vital importance when we begin to explore the implications of seeking and living our purpose. Every time one of us decides to discover and live according to our highest purpose, we experience a subtle, global healing (or put another way, a subtle, global-making whole). That’s because when we live according to purpose, we live happier, more fulfilled and more successful lives. And the more people who live this way, the more this spreads joy, happiness and abundance throughout the world.

During this Olympic season, pay special attention to the coverage that brings the people of China to our newspapers, radios and living rooms. Treasure it for what it is – a gift to learn about Chinese cuisine and the subtleties of an ancient, vital culture. And above all, we see the love, connection and peace that sustains all of us the world over, regardless of nationality. Pay attention, too, to the transformation that China is experiencing as a result of stepping onto the world stage. By accepting the charge of the Olympics, China has also accepted the floodlight of inquiry. Are the people happy? What’s the carbon footprint? How are they handling technology? It’s like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. A China observed is a China transformed.

How are you doing with your own personal transformation? Your transformation to a person who lives on purpose.  What parts of your own life have you begun to shed light upon? Do you like what you’ve found? Do you appreciate the importance of your meaning and purpose?

As I’ve said before, YOU are an integral part of creating a better, gentler world. Join me in my Movement to help bring a million people worldwide to a greater understanding of their life’s purpose. The effect, like a rock in a pond, ripples out to every shore regardless of the language and philosophy it finds there.

Bon voyage!
Jim White, PhD
Author & Creator of What’s My Purpose?

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14 Responses to “A Prescription For Unity: Purpose, Like The Olympics, Brings Us Together”

  1. Nickolove Lovemore Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for this post. Many people often think that as
    an individual they are powerless to affect change on a
    global scale. Yet, as Helen Keller said:

    “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything,
    but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the
    something I can do.”

    In reality we are powerful indeed. We can make our world a more
    harmonious place to live in and it starts by transforming our
    own lives, by finding our purpose and living our lives on purpose.

    Nickolove Lovemore

  2. Neil Graham Says:

    Jim, The excerpt of your book has had a profound influence on my search for meaning in my life over the past few weeks , especially your email on 20 july. Basically, as Wayne Dyer puts it, i didn’t want to die with the music in me. I watched the joy and happiness on people’s faces as the athletes walked into the stadium, but how long will this joy and unity last. There is a lot of people hurting out there.

    I recently joined HUB (see my website http://www.global.hubhub.org), driven by my values in life. The joy on peoples faces as the world unites for one day of the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing will be forgotten when the games are over, but HUB wants to keep that joy happening every day of the year.

    Humanity Unites Brilliance, HUB, is a new world charity network dedicated to ending World Poverty in 10 years (www.global.hubhub.org) by combining the brilliance of like-minded philanthropists worldwide such as the founder Charlie Gay, most of the members of “The Secret” and well known figures in the USA. This is the largest Humanitarian collection of entrepreneurs ever assembled and united on a single mission!

    HUB not only sets out to help people in poverty in poor countries, but also seeks to provide a caring support network for the average Joe, you and I.

    As Charlie Gay states in his visionary introductory statement:

    “Are you ready to open your own hinged door and step towards a fresh dawn of abundance, as you take up this invitation to be a valuable Ambassador of HUB?” All it takes is to bring out the superstar inside of you and for us to link arms together.

    HUB stands committed to supporting you to be the best you can be, to move into the brilliant calling of your life, to be abundant in the way you live and to ultimately help you bring your amazing talents to make our world a safe, peaceful and caring sharing place for us all.

    Our desire is for you to simply experience and receive the gifts of HUB into your own life; for you to have answers to the continual questions of your own life. Our hope is that as a member of the HUB family you will share from your heart the opportunity that so clearly exists, so that together we will unite our brilliance to change lives forever.

    The future is brighter with you with us. Come and help us deliver on the promise of tomorrow.”


  3. Jeanne May Says:

    Hi Jim…

    I always look forward to the Olympic Games, not because I’m a sports fanatic (far from it) but because I love watching people achieve their goals and dreams.

    For a few weeks differences are put aside and the world seems to be more united and more passionate!


  4. Abimbola Akanwo Says:

    Thank you for your insightful blog, “A Presciption For Unity: Purpose,
    Like The Olympics, Bring Us Together”

    An agreed or shared purpose, like the Olympics is a
    “prescription for unity”, depicting and exposing our
    strengths and fraility.

    As for “appreciating the importance of…” one’s “…meaning
    and purpose” - I submit that this is a dynamic lifelong
    journey of discovery. Challenging - yes, tiresome - no,
    fun - yes:-)

  5. Juan Says:

    I love the Olympics, they make TV more interesting, yet, competition sucks.
    As in the Science of Being Well States (or is it rich) there is a place for each ande everyonne of us.
    Competing other than with ourselves is oh so very primitive.
    Maybe in the future the olympic concept will loose its prime reason:
    exercising warriors to defeat others and become a display of human capacities.
    The Olymoics are expensive, dreaming is free.
    The best always.

  6. Elise M Collagan Says:

    Jim, I love the Olympics. More than the sports, it’s about the Truth of our humanity ~ love. The greattest prescription for any ‘thing’ that ails us, is love. The work, the hard work, to construct the ‘nest’? they call it - the stadium was so inspiring.

    I hear people talk. Talk in fear about China. Or China about America.

    I believe more than ever in history, hasn’t the time come for all of us to take a breath; a step back; and know ~ as Willie Nelson has said in one of his songs, “when I look into your eyes, I see all the love that is inside of me”.

    We are all mirrors of each other. I guess the question would be, why do we chose more times to destroy or be angry at that mirror vs. loving that person and seeing all the love that is inside.

    I love when I end my Yoga Classes. I choose to say Namaste’.

    meaning from my spirit to you; I honor you.

    The work that is so vitally important Right Now, is honoring the spirit that is us; raising our awareness and consciousness; realizing (like the Olympic Rings) that our lives are all interconnected ~ no beginning ~ no end ~ evermore.

    I’ll finish by sharing, I say to my now 17 year old 6′ 2″ son, “Life; it’s an inside job. If you really “get” the Truth of who you are, then all you will see, and be is that Truth which is Joy, Hope, Fun, Laughter, Play and yes, Love”.

    Love is what brought us here. Love is What will set us Free.

    and finally finally, God (or you can choose Spirit) …. said, “is happiest when his children are at play”……….

    So athletes, spectators, the world ~ Let’s cheer our althetes on. Honor their hard work.


    Play on~~~~~~~~~



  7. Jim Donovan Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Great message. You can see, from the smiles on their faces, the thrill the athletes are feeling at having achieved, at least up until this point in their life, their purpose. The more each of us moves toward our own purpose, the more we begin to feel that same excitement and, as you said, connection to the whole.

    Be well and God bless,

  8. Theresa Ackerson Says:

    Hello there Jim. It’s interesting that I just got up from
    a nap and found my 1996 Olympics transportation badge. I’ve
    been struggling lately with finding my purpose, but the
    games reminded me that it may be a “lifelong” process and
    I’m on my way. Let the games begin and never end!

  9. Roger N Quevillon Says:

    Boy do I agree with your story Jim, on purpose- on the road- on track.God bless you for starting this kind of help to guide humanity towards the their authentic- self. Take notive in the Olympic games of a Canadian athlete named Kyle Shewfelt mens gymnastic team– broke 2 legs 8 months ago and is in the games today–passion and purpose.

    God Bless,

  10. Jimmy Isles Says:

    I love the analogy you used of China being on the world stage, whereby having to transform because now the light has been shown on them. Then you compared it to our personal light being shined in us thereby transforming ourselves. It was an eye opener.

    Thank you,
    Jimmy Isles.

  11. Betty Saunders Says:

    Hello Jim,

    I find that my true calling is to assist young people in reaching their potential. I grew up in the woods until I was 9 years old, so had very little social background. I started school at age 8, therefore I did not finish my last two years of highschool. But, what I didn’t have in my young life, I am elated when I see young people succeed by setting challenges for themselves. For this reason, I have worked with army cadets and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

    The Duke of Ed has recently scaled back the program to include young people with disabilities. Some of them have finished their Bronze, others completed the Silver, and this fall a number of them, especially in Saint John,New Brunswick, will be starting their Gold. I see so much improvement in these young people (both groups) that their leaders and assistants put so much extra work in assisting them.

    This program is a joy to me (I assess the Award applications in New Brunswick) to see what these young people can do. The program is for those in the age groups of 14 to 25.

    All countries have the Award under different titles.

    I am 70 years old. I believe God is keeping me here to do my part in the Duke of Edinburgh;s Award oprogram.

  12. Xuling Wu Says:

    Hello Jim, thank you for sharing your thoughts about Olympic
    Games. As a Chinese, I cannot be more proud of the
    speculator job China has done to host the sports event
    that has brought the world’s finest athletes together.

    Now living in California, I love the Lakers and the American
    basketball. So I was so excited to see how the Chinese
    crowd warmly welcomes Koby and Yao Ming. The US-China Men’s
    Basketball Game received the largest viewership in the
    basketball history. The Chinese audience cheered for their
    own team; but also genuinely enjoyed the performance of the
    American team, without giving any boo. I heard that US
    basketball stars have never been so loved,
    not even in their own country, but in China. Now, that’s
    the Olympic spirit.

  13. Jessica Says:

    One by one, we transform the world. It seems so slow while we’re in it.
    Inherent in living a life of purpose is transformation, as stated
    “YOU are an integral part of creating a better, gentler world.”

    Thanks for the reminder that while I transform me,
    I transform the world.

  14. Blanca Blaney Says:

    Hello Jim and thank you so much for this inspirational article. I echoed your comments of finding o your purpose in life and following your “Passion”..This article is such an inspiration for the more mature people and gives them hope that it is never too late to start a new beginning; let the past go and focus on today and tomorrow. Just remember that there is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss and no loss without pain. God’s …gracious Word can make you into what he wants you to be and give you everything you could possibly need. (Acts 20:32).

    Jim, again thank you for being such an inspiration and mentor. May God Bless you.



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