A Prescription for a Better World: Find 1 Million People Open to Discovering Their Life’s Purpose.

Never has there been a more compelling time to commit to the process of finding your life’s purpose – that work that provides your reason for being and generates a state of bliss and fulfillment. All over the world, a shift is taking place. On one hand, things are getting more dire – our ecology is more fragile than ever and wars and hunger take the lives of many people each day – but on the other hand, humanity as a whole is waking to the understanding that our lives can and should be more than just a constant struggle for survival.

Just imagine: An ‘on purpose’ world where people are too occupied living according to their true purpose to bother waging wars, stealing from one another, or committing countless other abuses. It IS possible to make a better world. And YOU are part of that.

It’s my firm and passionate belief that if 1 million people get serious about seeking and living their life’s purpose, it will produce a ripple effect on this planet the likes of which we have never seen. It could even play a huge part in ending poverty, war and hunger.

Living Purpose is about Joy

This isn’t just about making a better world, either, because living ‘on purpose’ puts you squarely into that state of ease known as flow, freeing up your life’s energy to allow for greater prosperity, success and fulfillment.

It’s the fuel that gets the world’s most successful people out of bed each morning – people like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. They live according to a purpose outside themselves that drives them to offer the best of their talent and passion in order to serve. And their approach to life consistently brings them wealth, fulfillment and happiness.

Because here’s the thing. Sacrificing your happiness, success or fulfillment to make the world better doesn’t work. On the contrary, you have to serve through your passion and talents or suffer bitterness and burnout (not to mention probably struggling financially as well) – things that are not life-enhancing for you or the people around you.

Living Purpose is about Intention

Living ‘on purpose’ doesn’t happen on accident. There are some people who can live their life’s purpose without actively seeking it, but they are few and far between. The rest of us have to set a strong intention to find and live our purpose. It’s a process that requires you to look deep within yourself. The answers are there, like treasures buried in your backyard waiting for you to discover them.

When you make that discovery, your life changes. And the world changes, because any person with a fully realized purpose cannot help but become a change-agent. The more intimately connected you are to your purpose, to doing exactly what it is that your passions and talents have suited you to in the service of others, the better off the world will be.

Living Purpose is about Global and Personal Transformation

The recent popularity of Oprah’s recent 10-part web series with A New Earth author Eckhart Tolle underscores the transformation that’s taking place across this country and planet. Oprah herself started as a daytime talk show host in the typical mold and evolved over the years as her purpose became clearer. More and more, she’s urging her millions of viewers to also seek and find their purpose. In fact, an entire segment of her recent web series with Eckhart focused exclusively on purpose.

Living Purpose is about Continued Growth

Purpose isn’t a static thing. Oprah’s sense of purpose has grown clearer over time, as has my own. Purpose grows and expands as you grow as a person. Hence, when you commit to finding and living your purpose, you’re committing to a worthy, lifelong process filled with growth and joy.

Are you committed to finding and living your purpose? Share that commitment in the space below and add your weight to a growing movement. By affirming that you’re ready to find and live your true life’s purpose, you send a signal to the universe of your willingness to take your success, happiness and prosperity forward. And so, a word of warning! By making this commitment to yourself and to the world, you may find shifts taking place in your life that bring you closer to your life’s purpose.

Bon voyage!

Jim White, PhD
Author & Creator of What’s My Purpose?

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238 Responses to “A Prescription for a Better World: Find 1 Million People Open to Discovering Their Life’s Purpose.”

  1. Darrell Gurney Says:

    Thanks for the initiative Jim. I too have a fascination
    with the whole idea of purpose, being on purpose, living
    from purpose.

    Funny, just a year ago, I interviewed another great beacon
    of purpose of our time, Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the
    best-selling career book of all time, “What Color is Your
    Parachute,” and guess what the title of that interview was?
    “But What’s My Purpose?”

    His insights, as well as yours, from years of accomplishment
    and interaction in the world of purpose seekers, is a
    blessing to those of us establishing our own.

    I look forward to your work, and to riding this wave of
    purposeful intention with you.

    To Your Success,
    Darrell W. Gurney
    http://www.CareerGuy.com/Audios.htm (for Dick Bolles’

  2. Reggie Niles Says:

    Most people want to make a difference with their lives.
    Usually, they imagine doing great big things. The thing
    about living from your purpose is that you contribute
    naturally; you don’t have to “think” up “big” things, yet
    paradoxically, the difference you make when living from
    your purpose can be “big”.

  3. Manny Goldman Says:

    Hey ‘Purpose Seekers’

    Count me in! I am open and willing to go deeper into discovering and declaring my life’s purpose.

    I had a profound experience 3 years ago where I discovered a sense of my purpose and it has been becoming clear ever since.

    A life on purpose is like something I’ve never experienced before. I am driven and excited each day. I am in continually in the flow and life is so much fun.

    I look forward to hearing more.

    Thanks Jim for sparking this movement.

    with Love and Passion,

    Manny Goldman

  4. Rick Falls Says:

    It’s exciting to know that a bigger movement
    towards finding ones own purpose is gaining

    I’m making a shift to the internet to earn a
    living and Its’s amazing how much of it is based
    on selling someone elses widget.

    I may not know exactly how the technology works
    and all the details for success just but I am
    excited that I get to be me in the process and
    fully live out my gifts of encouraging others.

    The much wiser route to all of us (as you’re expanding on)
    is to find the small fire within ones own soul and
    fan the flames of that deep seated purpose.

    This is truly the way to joy and fulfillment and
    the best life possible for all.

    Thank you for your work,
    Bless you, Rick Falls

  5. Michele PW Says:

    To me, life isn’t worth living if it isn’t on purpose. I have a huge vision and dream to make a big difference in the world, and living on purpose is crucial for me to do that. Thanks Jim!

  6. Freddie Ravel Says:

    Jim is one of the great inspirational masters and to be “on purpose” is one of his greatest
    gifts to the world.
    Living on purpose is to see with a type of laser vision and clarity that cuts to the truth of
    the who, what, where,why and how one should take their next step into this magnificent
    journey we call life.

  7. Shari Says:

    Two years ago I read A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. This book was
    one of THOSE books that opened my eyes even wider. It
    begins with the 4 simple words “it’s not about me.” I was
    created for a purpose…seek and you shall find, ask and you
    will be answered, knock and the door will be opened. Finding
    our purpose in life is what every human BEing is seeking.
    Countless people take their lives because they feel they
    have no purpose. Having a purpose is the fuel to our fire,
    our fire of passion for what we love spending our precious
    time participating in.

    I’m excited, Jim, that you have reached out to the world
    for this journey of recognizing who “I Am” and “Why am I
    here”. One person does make a difference in many peoples

    Happy Trails!
    Shari Douglas

  8. Peter Hough Says:

    After 22 years in sales, I needed to choose a different career before I ‘expired’. But what would I love to do??? What would I be passionate about???
    So I said to myself, regardless of whether there is any opportunity or not, whether I think there is any money in it or not, regardless of whether I think I can even do it or not and regardless of what others expect of me. What would I love to do?
    I found that by taking away all our self-imposed limitations, those that are in our head, we tap in to and discover what drives our heart. Therein lays our purpose. As it turns out, I knew it when I was 14 years old but had ‘forgotten’. When we were kids, we knew no limits, no bounds, nothing was impossible. Let us all now re-discover a time when everything is possible…

  9. Barbara Wainwright Says:

    Hey Jim… What a great goal!! I’ve been living my
    purpose for the last 2 years. I feel so blessed. And my
    goal is to:
    1) Help as many people as I can to find their passion
    2) Empower them through coaching to live their passion
    This weekend I have helped two more people to discover
    their passion. I have given them great tools to be
    successful as they live their passion.
    I see that you and I have a similar purpose in life.
    If everyone is living their passion, we will have peace
    on earth.
    Love and Blessings always and all ways,

  10. Steve Sponseller Says:

    Jim, what a fantastic project - the ripple effect will be
    I’m excited to make a commitment to discover My Life’s
    Purpose and Take Action to live that Purpose and make a
    positive impact on the world.
    I’m currently reading your book and going through the
    exercises you discuss. I’ll let you know what I “discover”
    when I’m finished.

    With Gratitude and Abundance,
    Steve Sponseller

  11. Dan ShAfer Says:

    “I am a divine eternal spiritual being choosing to use this
    lifetime to demonstrate and teach the essential unity of
    All That Is through unconditional love and unbridled

    As such, I am committed to a movement that encourages all
    other divine eternal spiritual beings — and that includes
    you! — to find their purpose in the Divine Oneness.

  12. Peter R. Sherman Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Bold vision! Fantastic Goal! Love it!

    Warm regards,

  13. lincoln ong Says:

    i agree 100%

  14. Wendy Enelow Says:

    For those of us who were raised in the 1960’s and 1970’s, living a purposeful life is often the foundation of “who were are.” We were raised in a time when our consciousness shifted and we were able to move from an egocentric-focused view of life to a community-based focus with a keen commitment to what we - as individuals - could do to leave a favorable footprint.

    As an “old hippie,” I’ve worked to live my life that way. No pomp, no circumstance … just a true commitment to do what I can to help others. Over the years, I’ve launched VolunteersForCareers (following 9/11), “adopted” a Hurricane Katrina family, volunteered at military career fairs to help our soldiers re-enter the corporate employment market (the soldiers are a separate issue from the war!), and much more.

    As someone else wrote, small steps often lead to great results. I’m a firm believer!

  15. J. Bernhart Says:

    I have been searching for my purpose my whole life and still have not found it; however, I am committed to the search! It is my hope and belief that the world has reached a time and place where a critical mass of as few as one million people, knowing their purpose, can help the rest of us find ours. It’s now or never!

  16. Joe Kraut Says:

    Thank you Jim. This is great. My intention for this year is to live from my life purpose, and your program showed up. I have realized that living from purpose is the way to live a truly fulfilling life. I am excited to hear what you have to share.

  17. Cheryl Says:

    I commit to discovering my life’s purpose.

    I had thought I knew what it was, but I’ve been questioning and changing my mind about it lately to something I considered years ago.

    This will be an interesting discovery!

  18. Donna Pantin Says:

    It feel truly blessed to ride the wave of this movement. I recently turned 50 and took this as a wake up call to me to live a more passionate, purposeful life. I am currently reading and doing the exercises in “The Passion Test” by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. I am also planning to travel to The United States to The Johnson O’Connor Foundation to take their aptitude test. I believe it is never too late to get more clarity and insight into your talents and strengths and to discover the best ways to channel your energy into work you love that gives you a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

  19. Brenda Says:

    A friend once told me “change the way you think and change your life”. I think at some point in our life we all ask, why am I here, whats my purpose? And rather we are aware of it or not we have spent our entire life trying to figure it out. Then suddenly, out of nowhere someone say something that stricks a cord in us, something that makes us stop and think. Really think.

    My somethiing was “change the way you think and change your life”. And I’ve done just that, my way of thinking is all thing ARE possible if you only believe. I then found my purpose and have been living it since. You’re concept on everyone finding their purpose is magnificent! Count me in!

    To those of you reading this comment, Change the way you think, and your life will change, guaranteed! Thanks Jim, you are Magnificent!

  20. Christine Wallinga Says:

    Jim, I love it that I live in a day and age where people feel so compeled to live a life of purpose. I realized a few years ago that I was just going through life working and paying the bills and not really living a LIFE.

    While I thought I was happy I really wasn’t. This is what started me on the personal development journey. The changes in my life have been outstanding. I never knew that living your life with purpose could be so full-filling. These skills were not taught to me by my family or in school. Thank you so much for all your guidance and wisdom.

    I now have created my entire life to help others achieve success and I owe a huge part of that to you. Thank you!

  21. Kerrie Says:

    When life seems difficult; always the universe presents some opening. I am grateful to be on your list and eager to discover your process to help me unravel my life’s purpose. Good luck. I believe you can change the world.

  22. Sean Says:

    Thanks Jim,

    This is wonderful work you are doing. It has been a focus of my life
    mine over the last four years. I really believe finding our true
    life’s purpose can be a major catalyst for our
    own personal change, and even more global change.

    I am currently embarking on my own voluntary project
    taking 6 people through coaching to
    “Land their dream career.” Ultimately, though my aim for
    these people is that they discover their
    true life’s purpose because that is where the real ‘juice’ is in
    life. There are still free spaces if anyone is interested
    between the age of 18-30.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to the book.

    Check out http://www.lanyourdreamcareer.com

  23. Ted Says:

    We fullfill our purpose much better when we give of ourselves to other people and causes and not our own selfish interest.
    This much I know for sure.

  24. Ullas Pandit Says:

    It is important for me to find and live my life’s
    purpose so that i will live a better world when
    i am gone

  25. Nickolove Lovemore Says:

    This is a great initiative. As Oprah Winfrey says:

    “The work of your life is to discover your purpose and
    get on with the business of living it out.”
    Oprah Winfrey

    Yet for many the first part “discovering your purpose”
    seems to be the most challenging bit and is the cause
    of much distress and unhappiness.

    This is because when we are not living our lives on purpose
    we are not in flow. Something seems to be missing. We feel
    unfulfilled and the sad thing is that the world does not
    benefit from our greatest contribution and we take the
    latent gifts that we were bestowed with at birth to the grave.

    Therefore, I welcome any initiative that helps individuals
    to live purposeful lives.


  26. Kym Says:

    I am definitely on board. I’m still not sure how it will happen but I am reading the right things and stumbling on the right messages. What a magnificent thought though that the whole world
    can be a wonderful place to be in

  27. Donna Says:

    Yes, I have always had a pull for the purpose in life.
    I love to live life and help people see there really is a
    purpose in life. You have to listen to your inner self
    and the Universe. There is more than we can see–
    we have to feel.

    This September, my husband and I are moving to Florida.
    For the past 4 years, when I go there for a visit, I feel
    this longing– this pull. So now, I am moving there to see
    what else my purpose is in seeing if my purpose can serve
    more. I have a geat outlook in life even when people try
    and bring me down. I pray for those people that they find
    thier purpose in life and something that will open up their
    eyes– that there is more to life then what meets their eye.
    Like Oprah, They need to find the “ahhhhh moment” and
    really pay attention to what the Universe is telling them.
    Good luck to everyone on the on purpose life!!!!

  28. Lisa Says:

    I’m in!

  29. Andrea Says:

    Count me in as well - I am anxious to start the journey & process of FINALLY discovering my own unique purpose.

  30. Andrea Channings Says:

    What a terrific concept. I am looking forward to following through with your project and finding my life purpose.

  31. Spiritual Life Coach Lily On Earth Says:

    Dear Jim,

    This is a wonderful initiative! I will do my outmost to
    inspire as many people I can. Together we can find two,
    three and even more people…

    Thank You!

  32. Nico Says:

    The only real failure in life is the failure to TRY.
    My purpose is to live my life without FEAR, to be who I know I am (not who I was taught to be), and to help others do the same.

    Together we can change the world!

  33. Jan Says:

    This is a great initiative. The more people who tune in to
    this the better. What I realise is that just tuning in to my
    life purpose begins to get me there. It’s like I turn in
    that direction and step by step that’s the way I move. The
    first step is simply to turn in that direction.
    My life has been moving that way for so many years that I
    trust it. Part of my work is encouraging other people who
    come to my workshops to tune in to what is important for
    them. Curiously, I have a seminar tomorrow in London,
    focussed on “Where and how do I find meaning in my life”
    So I guess we are in tune here.
    Good to hear you.
    Best wishes

  34. Susan Says:

    What a great idea. Count me in too. I am open to discovering
    my life’s purpose.

  35. Any Rodriguez Says:

    I am ready to seek my purpose and live my life according to it!!

  36. Randi Smith Says:

    I agree that purpose is what inspires people to strive to lead a powerful existence. However, we need to educate people on skillful ways to get out of their own way and out of the doldrums. As a martial arts school owner and Instructor, I encourage people to find their limitations physically and mentally. Through structure, discipline and commitment, we increase our awareness of what is going on inside us and around us. Only then are we able to see and feel the conflict and begin to bridge the gap. In order to live with and on purpose, we need a recipe for success. To get out of theory and into actualization, we must have a skillful means. I can attest to the significant growth that occurs in most everyone after only one month of Kung Fu or Tai Chi training- these are truly Living Arts.

  37. Randi Smith Says:

    This is great! We all need a recipe to experience our purpose. First I must learn who I am so I can recognize my gifts. Martial arts is a great skillful means!

  38. Neil Says:

    This is like signing a petition, imploring the universe to heal our planet, our society, my life.

    I am looking forward to the journey, and self discovery.

    I’m in!

  39. Donna Says:


    Today I commit to finding my purpose in life and living it.


  40. Annette van der Put Says:

    Thank you Jim for your vision!
    I share this totally with you.
    My Missionstatement is:
    Helping myself and others to improve my and their
    quality of life, in communication, in our families
    and relations, with my/their children, in health
    of our body and soul.
    I commit myself totally to this by being a mother and
    friend and coach.
    I am happy to inspire myself and others with the Vitues
    Project. (www.virtuesproject.com)
    I wrote a little book myself, it is in Dutch and is called:
    the Power of Excistence (or Being). It is about becoming
    who you want to be, to be free to choose and regain the
    unity we all once felt in learning to love ourselves.
    I have started another book in English. You are very
    welcome to read the first chapters as well. I loved
    your chapters! I feel exactly the same way. It took me
    some time but I have just decided to stop my other job and
    put my energy into the little business I have in coaching.
    So I see the wave of consciousness in this, I know it will
    effect the world for sure, it has already begun!
    In connection, Annette

  41. Anna Paradox Says:

    Yes! I am living my purpose!

    What a ride it has been! All my life, my most meaningful moments
    have been when I could help someone gain a new perspective and free
    themselves from their pain. I’ve also always been drawn to writing.

    It hit me like a bolt of lightning when I discovered life coaching.
    I trained, and realized my greatest joy was helping authors express
    their true voice. So I’m now laying my coach training and my years
    of writing study at the service of writers who want to write more
    authentically and more freely. I love being a writing coach, and I
    love the people it has brought me in contact with.

    And I already see how living my purpose has started ripples of
    healing and peace through the words my clients have brought into the
    world. I am so fortunate that the universe has been able to upgrade
    itself this way through me. I am very grateful to live in such joy
    and service.

    Anna Paradox

  42. Tom Says:

    I have struggled with this issue most of my life. I’m in.

  43. Siri Simran Singh Says:

    This came along at the right time. I’m excited to find out how to integrate my life into a purpose that I was born for.

  44. Amy Says:

    I am a teacher and an entrepreneur and have often felt that
    both of those aspects are “at odds” with one another.

    I realize now that I can be both things and have found more
    peace with that but I found the words about gaining
    clarity over time to be encouraging. You mean we don’t
    have to KNOW right NOW! What a relief. :)

    Count me in!

    Love and Light,
    Amy Kaminski

  45. Kurt Says:

    It took me awhile, but I found my purpose. Being a chef,
    I have the gift of cooking, and I cook well. In February
    I quit my job of 10 years as Executive Chef at Oregon
    State University, and invested and became employed with
    a new company started by a 28 year mother.

    As she started to find a day care for her daughter, she
    became aware that the food offerings for young children
    was anything but healthy. So….time to do something
    about it!

    We are now an Oregon Tilth Certified company providing
    Organic, nutritionally balanced meals to day cares,
    pre-schools and just got our food into our first public
    school! The joy of providing children with healthy foods
    and knowing that because of our company, we are pro-active
    in changing the way children eat.


  46. Ritva A. Kumpulainen Says:

    Thank you for this initiative. When I started to read the
    message, which I almost deleted as junk mail, I felt this
    quivering inside me as if something long hidden or dormant
    was starting to come back to life.

    I know that I definitely do not use all the talents I have
    and all the expertise and knowledge I have gathered over the
    years for anything worth while and my purpose has more or
    less been lost in the past years.

    Yes! Definitely count me in. For years and years I’ve had
    these visions of better things to come for the world and
    for myself. Not too long ago I updated my vision book
    (several treasure maps in a binder) and intuitively things
    just kept coming. I couldn’t help but wonder why do I make
    these grand visions involving the whole world but I had no
    choice I had to keep on going, I had to cut and paste.
    Now suddenly I have a slight notion that maybe, just maybe,
    I really was describing my future of living my purpose - and
    better and greater things to come.

    I have so much to give!

    Ritva A. Kumpulainen

  47. Lesa Says:

    I, too, am committed to finding my purpose! I think many of us are feeling the “shift” that Jim refers to. I’ve found that I’m moving closer to my purpose when I honor my gut feelings and take a leap of faith. I’m not there yet, but I think I’m getting closer to my true reason for being here. I look forward to the journey with at least 999,999 other like-minded souls! We really can change the world!

  48. MARGARET Says:


  49. Leslie Says:

    The power of collective positive thought in bringing about change is incredible.

    Thank you, Jim, for this initiative. I know what my life’s purpose is - the trouble is “keeping the faith” - doubts, fears, jealousies, insecurities get in the way. I look forward to journeying with the support and love of others on the path to enlightenment, and living on purpose.

  50. Michele Says:

    Count me in! I am committed to finding my purpose and look forward to a changing world. . .it will definitely benefit from changing!

  51. Marina Says:

    Learn, Act, Watch what happens, Grow, Repeat!

  52. Julius Ko Says:

    I’m in. Let’s bring China into the mix =).


  53. Ann Says:

    Hello from the Netherlands!
    Perhaps it would be a good idea to have your book translated
    into Dutch? Many people over here are also seeking their
    life’s purpose.
    My own life’s purpose as yet is not totally clear but I am
    working on it.
    As a translator I am trying to bridge a gap in a way.
    Perhaps I can contribute?

    Thanks for your insightful information.

  54. Dee Says:


    I received an email from Ed Harris about you and this project, I am just starting with my personal growth program through Holosync and I feel that your program will just complement what I have already started. So count me in and thank you for the start.

  55. Carol Bradley Bursack Says:

    I always knew I would be a writer, but I thought it would be fiction. Two decades of caring for seven elders took me on a whole new journey. Yet I wrote.

    I wrote my stories and those of other caregivers. I’ve since started my own blogs, write for some a large health blog, and write articles and moderate a caregiver’s forum on another caregiving site. I also write an elder care column. Elder care and caregiving support has become my passion. The road opened up and I walked forward. Each day something new happens to take me further along the road. If I help just one person, my day is made.

  56. Molly Says:

    Thank you for the gift, I look forward to reading it. Any inspiration that i can find, i read. I look forward to living my life on purpose!

  57. Barb Says:

    Living on purpose is quite frankly new and old at the same time. All of us need to live on purpose and yet we forget in the busyness of our days what this means and what the impact can be. I’m truly excited to be on the path of my purpose and I delight in the unfolding of the blessings to me and to others each day as I make progress.

    Be blessed in your searching and finding your purpose!

  58. Francoise Says:

    I want to do it. Thank you.

  59. Heidi Says:

    I agree that finding your purpose is an ongoing process.

    My purpose has changed through the years. I had to retire from my
    first careet in law enforcement because I was injured. Some
    people would see that as a bad thing. But, because I was retired,
    many other opportunites presented themselves. I have since made a
    new career, have been featured in a best selling book, am
    appearing on a hit TV show in Japan, and am a co-author of an
    upcoming book. I have worked with clients from 20 countries
    from around the globe. Finding, and then accepting
    your purpose, is liberating, even when the purpose changes.

  60. Jodene Says:

    Enlightenment struck me like a beautiful, powerful thunderbolt this year. Thank GOD. My pupose has always been known to me…now its time to get it. Without fear, procrastination, or anything else that may try and stop me. I KNOW there is wealth, health, happiness and abundence for all in the world including me…..

  61. Emma Street Says:

    Groovy! Beauty, depth and love, that’s what I’m here for! May I do it with style, clarity and wit! Halleluiah. Gods bless the child who has her own. A constant rain of elegant, joyous, fragrant blessings on us all. Oooh, can I understand AND have fulsome fun? Oh boy! Let’s all do it.

    Yours in interest,


  62. Andre Says:

    Count me in Jim. It is heart warming to find so many are
    committed in finding their purpose and letting their purpose
    find them. The shift has already started to happen, and
    together we’ll speed up the process!
    Thanks for starting this Jim, keep up the good work.

  63. William Martin Says:

    Hey, recently during meditation session, i had a massive vision and i felt the most alive i’ve ever
    felt. I truly believe in trusting your inner self, and i just wish everyone
    else could see that. I am currently in the process of living my purpose, as i am taking my
    initial ‘baby’ steps.

    Lets change the world!!

    Peace and love to everyone


  64. Wanda Says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words and free gift. I am at a turning point in my life and am discovering how to stay out of fear of the future and live my life from the “inside out”. I am grateful to have mentors like you who are sharing and caring about the lives of others and are reaching out to them in order to make this a better world of which to live. With sincerest appreciation, Wanda

  65. Cyd ALPER-SEDGWICK Says:

    I started my journey in ernest 9 months ago when I had the realisation that a. no-one was going to do it for me and b.I was skimming the surface of my life.
    The difference to me and my business has beed staggering, and my business is to bring Harmonic Prosperity to all,so please, include me too…its time for all of us to make this a better place.

  66. Darlene Says:

    Yes Jim what a great idea. I stepped on to the path of my purpose June 2007.
    One year later I am having a great time being Me, the real Me I was always meant to be.
    I remember two loves when I was a child. One was Connecting the Dot books and the other
    was dressing up and presenting to a crowd. Today I am connecting the dots in
    Sacred Geometry and presenting the fascinating discoveries that that be found by applying
    the process of drawing the formations.

    Blessings to you and your great inspirational work of gathering the masses on the same page.

  67. Steve Gaertner Says:

    Thank you, Jim
    As a child of the 60’s and 70’s I have been searching for
    Meaning and Truth in life for a looong time. From the occult
    movement of the early 70’s into the Spiritual movement of
    the 80’s and 90’s finally it has led me to The Secret and
    ultimately to this blog (coincidence - I don’t think so).
    So count me in, Jim. I here and now commit to finding and
    living my life’s purpose. I am excited at the thought of
    having the opportunity to help with your movement.

    In Everything Give Thanks

  68. Therese Says:

    I am absolutely committed to finding and living my true life pur
    purpose. Thanks Jim.

    Sincerely Therese

  69. Annie Law Says:

    Hi Jim, Thanks for starting this movement….the world needs thi
    this desperately! I am making a commitment to you, myself
    and the Universe to find my life purpose…..I am so ready
    for this and have been for quite a few years now. I have a
    feeling that this is the catalyst that will drive me to
    discovering my purpose and helping others do so, as well.


  70. Dais Lee Says:

    I firmly believe that the more people who take the time to
    heal themselves and address their own issues, the sooner the world will improve. Just as we humans have the ability to heal, so does the earth. In fact I believe it
    is our attitudes of negativity that contribute the most to
    the pollution and problems mankind faces. Yes it can be OK.
    I declare that I am aiming to life my life’s purpose. Daisy Lee

  71. Anita Says:


    This is great! I have finally found my purpose and I am just at the start of this year seeking to attract the people and things that I need in my life so that I can live my purpose everyday! I have always wanted to becme a personal Life Coach and Motivational Speaker and Author so I am learning the steps that I need to take so that I can start doing that (and make a living at it!) I am stillworking in a job that is not my passion but because I am more motivated to live my purpose, I can now go in to that job with a whole new attitude and appreciation for what I am doing! I am so happy to join the one million people on this site who realize the need to live a passionate, purpose filled life! Press on, good people!

    Warmest Regards,


  72. Marnie Says:

    I am very interested to join this movement of yours. I too would like very much to find out what my purpose is in life so that I could already manifeast it in my life. I am just wondering - how do we go about doing this? Please enlighten me

  73. Chad Says:

    Hi Jim, I am 100% committed to living my true life purpose.
    Thanks for this

  74. Tommy Says:

    I’ve been focusing on finding my purpose for almost two years now. And although I feel as if I’ve made some progress, it’s still a difficult endeavor. I feel like there is endless potential inside me but I find it difficult to manifest. Learning to reprogram yourself after years of absorbing self imposed mental pollution is quite a task, but not impossible by any means. I welcome the invitation to learn more.

  75. warren wilson Says:

    What’s my purpose? What a fantastic question. For me the question has become, do I have the courage to live my purpose? I’m an inventor and when I have developed products which have brought smiles to childrens faces and made investors in my ideas wealthy my life has worked fabulously well. Unfortunately I have only done this for a small part of my life. To keep living my life like this requires a huge amount of trust that life will support me and, interestingly enough it alwys has. Now, at 50 years of age I have finally acquired enough wisdom to live most (I’m still learning) my life according to my purpose which is help peoples dreams come true. To all your fabulous successes. Warren Wilson

  76. Chuxtory Says:


    I’ve always known there was a purpose for me and the gifts
    I’ve been given, but was never sure what it was. I look
    forward to this program and fully commit to finding the

    “You can live the dream, or dream of living.”

    Thanx for including me,

  77. Desiree Says:

    I find it a tough question to answer and look forward to
    the inspiration and guidance of those who have been
    successful in this journey. I’m encouraged that Oprah
    found her life’s purpose over time as it unfolded and
    not in brief speculation. I am sincere in the desire to
    learn my life’s purpose and most inspired by the
    opportunity to live it.

    With kind wishes for great success to the other
    999,999 of you! Desiree

  78. Lauren Says:

    I am fully committed to finding my purpose. How exciting! I’m 25 years old and just getting revved up! :) Blessings to all of you.

  79. Evelyn Says:

    I am very excited to sign up and be a part of this movement.
    I know where my passion lies and feel that it is my life purpose.
    I’m just not sure how to make it happen. I’m looking forward
    to this incredible journey.
    Thank you for doing this! :)

  80. Tynisha Thompson Says:

    Hey Jim,
    This is a fabulous idea.
    I started my business 2 years ago
    because I wasn’t living my true purpose.
    Now, things are growing & getting better
    all the time.
    Best decision, I’ve every made.
    I look forward to reading your book
    and recommending it to my clients.

  81. Nadine Says:

    Count me in…I am very excited to embark on this journey with the rest of you. Thanks for the opportunity to find my true purpose.


  82. Steve Leimbach Says:

    I’m ready, actually ways past ready! Thank you for the oportunity to grow.


  83. Mike Says:

    I’m committing to finding my purpose in the universe and living it. For too long I’ve live life in the backseat wondering why I never get where I need to go. It’s time to get up front and I feel I’ve finally gotten a road map to take me where I need to go. I’ve got the passion I need to find my purpose

  84. Kathie Smith Says:

    This is very exciting. I think I am already aware of
    my purpose, however I need help manifesting it into my
    life and I feel this will be my way of doing just that.

  85. Sharon Adele Says:

    My public commitment to finding and living my life’s
    purpose, to be closer to living the wealth, success
    and happiness I deserve.

  86. Marilyn O'Malley Says:

    Jim, I am right there with you living my purpose to help people clarify and live their passions. Oneof my passion is to help people who are in recovery blossom into their healthy, passionate and brilliant lives. One day I hope we are reflections of each other’s devine and creative natures.
    Infinite blessings,
    Marilyn O’Malley, CPCC

  87. Patty Pizzi Says:

    we can get the whole world involve in this matter, not only 1 million people, not only adults, but children of course to give them the power they need to believe in them selves, encountering in their daily “ordinary experiences” the forza they need to promote mental wellness. Finding and experiencing emotional and physical well being. Acquiring knowledge every were they go. Giving a meaningful sense to what they like do or spend most of their time. How cool is that!

    We need to keep adding new names to our long list of passionate people, lighting up the whole world, with higher expectation for our future. Let’s shake up those dendrites to a new beginning, there is plenty of space for new and meaningful synaptic connections, our neurons are competing for stimuli, to modify our behavior, to enjoy our surroundings, enjoying ourselves, mapping the brain to a successful, passionate and meaningful life.

    I personally believe that Jim’s idea is absolutely fantastic. And I encourage anyone and everyone who is receiving your emails to sign up and transform their lives. It was about time to reinvent our selves and thrive! Give your potential a chance to bloom and reveal your intrinsic motivation. Let’s all get inspired and motivated, let’s make changes to our mental states, to discover the oneness of our powerful mind, finding our own purpose in life to transform the world we all share!

    Enjoy your day!

  88. Michelle Holloway Says:

    I am commited and very excited about finding my life purpose.
    This info came to me in the perfect time since I have been
    thinking alot about finding my life purpose so this is
    just another step in the right direction.
    thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
    We can all make a diference one person at a time.

  89. Christo Sebastian Says:

    YES. I WANT to be part of this project. I wish to do something meaningful to the people in this world and my life should be with a purpose.

    Please let me konw if I can do something to help others.


  90. Wendie Webber Says:


  91. Therese Kutscheid Says:

    Hi Jim, I finely found a group of people that is prepared to make this
    world a better place.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ll be with you all
    the way.

  92. Jessica Says:

    Amazingly enough, I just launched my “Live On Purpose”
    blog several months before you launched this one. The changes
    that are happening in my life as a result of pursuing my
    life purpose, or “living on purpose” - which I believe are two
    different things, are strong. For starters, I was prompted to
    actually search for and pinpoint my life’s purpose. I put it
    on a digital sticky note on my computer so I can see it all the
    time. Now it’s led me to this site.

    Let’s live with awareness, with purpose, and on purpose!

  93. Lydia Says:

    Hi,Jim! I was sent here by Bill Harris from Centerpointe (the Holosync folks). It’s funny the timing, because my husband and I have both recently begun to explore this question. So, the two of us are both in!

  94. Nani Jean Says:

    Count me in! I would LOVE to find my purpose. I’ve raised 4 wonderful daughters, and have 3 grandsons (so far), and I am still searching for me. I’m excited to join in this mission!!


  95. Ang Says:

    At this very moment I am committed to finding my lifes
    purpose and living it.

  96. Jerry Kennedy Says:


    Count me in! I am committed to living my life on purpose. I know that each of us came here for a reason, and I promise here and now to never rest until I find mine and pursue it to the end. I have recently begun my journey of discovery, and I am excited by all the attention this subject is getting lately. I will do my part to help others to find theirs as well. Thank you so much for creating this initiative, and I will spread the word!

    Wishing us all the best in this endeavor,
    Jerry Kennedy

  97. Sheri C Says:

    Several years ago, I too read “The Purpose Driven Life”. Since that time my life has changed tremendously. I have met the most amazing people, done some amazing things that I never thought I would accomplish (like packing up and leaving my home of thirty years), and am continually learning the mysteries of life. Which, by the way, I find are not mysterious at all because it all makes sense to me now. The questions I’ve wondered about in the past have been answered. The way I want to live is unfolding before my eyes. I am being presented with books, people, and opportunities, that if I stayed in my home town I would never have known. I found my “Courage”!

    All this new knowledge is leading me to my purpose to “make the world a better place”. The very reason I had children was to bring into the world at least two people who could add “light” to this world. They are awesome! Now I find myself working with an organization who has a global vision of “Making The World A Better Place, One Person at A Time”

    I thank you for this opportunity to continue learning and growing and finding people with the same mindset. I have never been happier!

  98. Kim Says:

    I am committed to finding my life’s purpose and living it.
    Thank you for the opportunity and for wanting to help
    and improve the universe.

  99. Chris Says:

    I am so ready!

  100. Stan Hubl Says:

    I am commited to finding my lifes purpose.
    Everything comes in the time you are ready for it.
    Sometimes we don’t act and it skips right on by, maybe not
    even coming back for a very long time. The opportunity is
    here and now is the time. Count me in!! Stan…

  101. Michelle Ware Says:

    Thank you for the invitation . . .
    I look forward to exploring every avenue offered for my personal discovery & growth.

    Only the Best for ALL who want it!
    Michelle Ware

  102. judith Says:

    This is a fascinating concept. Not sure how to put it into practiceHow does one work out one’s life purpose? I certainly would like to try!. How do you know your life

  103. Kevin Bunn Says:

    Count me in…a community of 1 million individuals concurrently working to benefit others is a wonderful vision. The accomplishments will be many times more than the original participants; but that is just the point, right? I look forward to adjusting to the new relationships and situations that will come along. My own journey started October 2007, immediately after the Southern California wildfires. Making a decision to help and acting on it has made an impact on me personally and opened new doors for working with others to achieve something beyond ourselves.

  104. Shameem Faizuddin Says:

    wow. I am blown away ……… I dont know what to say. Please do count me in. I am ready to rock and roll with this and I would like to help people who need it. My husband and I started going through this path from past 4 years, but didnt get to the bottom line yet. We want to help people spreading this. We want to heal people. Please count both of us in.


  105. Beverly Says:

    I’ve been feeling the need to do something differently and now is as good a a time as any. I would be honored to walk this path with you all.

    Thank-you Jim White for living your purpose so that we might be able to live ours.

  106. mike Says:

    ON LOVE!

  107. Jhet Says:

    The world is so ready for this ground-breaking advocacy Jim. Five years ago, like so many people I didn’t have a clue what am I really here for? No idea what is my purpose in life? It took a tragic lost of a friend in front of my very eyes to direct me deep within. There are two mentors that I wanted to give credit - Mark Victor Hansen’s big heart and T. Harv Eker’s Life Direction seminar that lead me to discovering my life’s purpose. I took a stock of my life and realized how I have been so blessed. This is when I made a commitment to use my God-given talent in order to make a difference in the life of others. I since then had written a bestselling book The Tale Of Juliet – You Have The Power To Change Your life, that continue to impact the life of others well beyond my wildest dreams…Talking about ripple effect. Every single page of the book has this line written on it “Living a life of gratitude, abundance and purpose”.

    Each and every one of us is capable of rekindling our hearts and soul and live up to our highest mission. When I applied the strength of vision, a burning desire and unwavering determination to live a purposeful life big opportunities, authentic people and magical moments start appearing my way, many times when I least expected it. Truly unbelievable!

    Golly, I was even diagnosed with cancer. I literally refused to accept it and the Higher Power, God, The Universe sent signals, circumstances and people my way to help heal my spirit, body and soul. Few months later second biopsy was all negative. Now that I reclaimed my vibrant life, I am recommitting into making a positive difference more than ever and live a purposeful life.

    Thank you very much for pioneering this movement. Even though I have discovered how powerful it is to live on a life of purpose I need a constant reminder. How fortunate we are that you have designed tools to assist in discovering a fulfilling and purposeful life. Every change must come from within. Together we can make a positive difference in the world one heart, one mind, one soul at a time.

    Jhet Torcelino van Ruyven
    Living a life of gratitude, abundance and purpose

  108. Gillian Robinson Says:

    I have been searching for my life’s purpose for sometime. I have recently been through an illness that has changed my whole focus on life and I now want to find out how I can best serve others and feel fulfilled. I am ready and waiting!

  109. Kobus Portwig Says:

    I’m in. For the last 3 years I’m searching and arranging my
    life to start living my purpose. This student is ready!
    This is part of my goal, to make a change by starting with


  110. Yvonne Bennnett Says:

    Definitely count me in, I have only recently discovered that life is not about merely existing and taking everything that is thrown at you and that you can direct and create your own life if you have the will, I am increasingly finding more and more people with this belief and I am so happy that this site was brought to my attention and I will be joining you on finding my purpose and fulfilling it. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement

  111. Martin Gray Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to review and take part : this is timely !
    Martin in NZ

  112. Johnny Says:

    Count me in! I just resigned from my job after 5 years on Wednesday, I now have four weeks to find my purpose. I spent the day thinking about it and then in my inbox was your email. Ha, I love that stuff!

    I’ll find my purpose!

  113. Ali Says:

    Count me in too! It’s all coming together. The energy
    created by this level of commitment will/is astounding and
    is palatable and grounding. Bringing this into the concrete
    reality of our world with so many other like minded souls
    will/is fantastic.
    So looking forward to BEING involved. WOW

  114. Lois Douglass Says:

    One of my primary areas of interest is the concept of one’s
    “calling - i.e. purpose. In fact, most of my thoughts- since
    childhood have centered on finding my own purpose. Now is the
    time that I want to formally state my intention - in the company
    of other Seekers - and my commitment to finding and LIVING my
    true purpose. Many thanks…

  115. Ofélia Says:

    I’m fascinated about the idea of sharing with so many people that I’m looking for my purpose on life.
    As I’ve been working about living with a purpose for s few years, things have become more clear for me and I feel more confident and relaxed, although sometimes things aren’t easy because I’m still stuggling for “grabbing my purpose”.
    Hopefully within such a wide community, I’ll be able to make and help others make progress.

  116. Debbie Says:

    I’m happy to one of the million you are seeking.
    It’s time to heal the planet and the people of this world. Let’s
    star living the way we were intended to live.

  117. Jenni Says:

    Thanks Jim,

    Here and now I make the commitment to finding and living my life’s
    purpose. I need to let go of all my “should and ought to” thinking
    and relax and be so that everything that I know is inside of me can flow
    and find it’s natural path.

    A little while back a lady I had never met before turned around,
    looked me straight in the eyes and said, “You’re going to do
    magnificent things, great spirit”. The surprising thing was, it felt
    like she was absolutely right. On some level I wanted to think that
    SHE was strange, but deep inside that great spirit stirred and
    thanked her. The strange one has been me - stumbling through life
    in confusion seeking outer guidance and completely ignoring the
    wealth and knowing of the great spirit inside.

    It still feels new and different to me to think that I already carry
    great gifts inside of me, but it feels absolutely right and I’m making
    my commitment here to figuring out how to access those gifts and
    share them with with the world.

    Thanks Jim for such a wonderful movement you have started and thanks
    to all of you who share this journey

  118. Christine Grzona Says:

    Dear Universe, I affirm here and now that it is my intention to find and live my life purpose. I am ready to accept the fulfilling, joyous, exciting, abundant and loving life that I intended to create before I incarnated into this current life. Bring it on!

  119. Debbie Says:

    I am committed (admittedly, not fearlessly, at least not yet) to finding and living my life’s purpose (finally!)

  120. Sreelatha Says:

    Hello Jim,
    Interesting thatthis should come into my mail box today.
    Just yesterday, I began reading Jane Attwoods’s Passion Test again
    and began the process of redefining my passions. Clearly this is a message from the universe to keep at it. Thank you! I am committed to finding and living my life’s purpose.

  121. Robert Cooke Says:

    Hi Jim,
    This is an excellent idea and is the way forward.
    It seems to me that most of us are so unwilling to accept that “The world is not flat” that the only way they will accept that their reality is not what they believe it is will be when they see the evidence for themselves.

    Of course to see any evidence of that means that those concrete beliefs have to be shifted first. All people ever need to do is agree to at least entertain the possiblility that their world is not as fixed as they think it is for that shift to have a chance to take place.

    The stand you are being in this instance is the kind of intent we need to bring about such a transformation.

  122. Herm Allen Says:

    My passion is my purpose; my purpose is my passion. I strive for this on a daily basis. With the work that I do in higher education and as a personal coach, I am constantly showing others (by example) that when you are walking & working in your purpose, that is what truly matters.

    I believe our purpose comes from God, but until we understand what His calling is for our lives, we will never know our purpose in life, thus not reaching (helping) those whom we are to reach.

    This is a wonderful initiative. I LIKE IT!

  123. Robert Cooke Says:

    May I add (seeing as I forgot to include it in my last comment) that I intent to find and live my life purpose with a passion.

  124. Champa Says:

    I’ve just read every one of the above responses and my hopes for the future of our world brighten. What a lot of lovely people you are! At 63, also an old hippy, world traveller and truth-seeker - feeling a bit like the Velveteen Rabbit - my longtime passion to help people change their lives for the better had faded to a small flame in my feelings of aloneness and futility. But this idea can work! Great work, Jim, thanks to you and thanks to all involved in this effort and to all who have responded. I can feel the love and enthusiasm and your beautiful energy flowing. If we each live purposely, we can make living a joyous, fulfilling and abundant experience which will touch every one we come into contact with. Let’s do it! Love, Peace, Wellness and Prosperity to All!

  125. Jenny Says:

    I have been searching most of my life for purpose, I have
    always known there is more, more to know, more to feel,
    more to express, more to give back, an understanding of
    purpose, direction - passion from the heart, so I am
    committed to continue my search to uncover the heart of
    passion that uncovers life’s purpose. So count me in.
    May we all find that purpose, it’s time to wake up.

  126. Karen Says:

    I have spent most of my life wondering what my purpose was…
    obviously I have one since I am here! Spent the last few
    months reading so many books, and yet, here I am still
    wondering!! Perhaps committing to this will help me realize
    my life’s purpose and begin to live it as intended.
    Thank you for this opportunity…I think it will be amazing to
    to get one million people to commit.

  127. Michaela Says:

    Thank you for the help and good energy offered here. I have just begun recently on this quest to discover my Life’s purpose and I appreciate any help I can get along the way. I don’t think any of us can be truly happy until we discover what that purpose is and all you wonderful enlightened people , like Jim, offering all this free help know that purpose has to do with helping others. I look forward to discovering mine.

  128. Nick Says:

    I love this! You can see and feel a shift in our awareness
    of ourselves and our connection to the world around us.

    Purpose is fundamental to living a truly great life and I
    love the fact that we are all starting to realise this.

    Purpose gives your life meaning and sense of direction,
    it is the organising principle for creating the life of
    your dreams. Imagine it as your internal compass, it will
    guide you to your true destination.

    I have spent years searching for my purpose and when I found
    it I was amazed at the huge amounts of energy and inspiration
    it contained.

    If you want help finding your purpose or you’re interested
    in sharing it with the world please check out my
    attempt to give back something positive at

  129. Tammy Says:

    The next step is hospitalization so the only way to go is up. I’m willing to take any hand thats offered. I commit to finding my lifes purpose.

  130. Nanci Says:

    I am not sure what my purpose is but after all of the upheaval that I have recently experienced in my life I know that now is the time to find that purpose and to live it to the fullest. I am committed to this process of finding and living my life the way that I was meant to live it.

    It is a really exciting and pleasure to be aligned with such a forward thinking group.


  131. Glenda Says:


    I have been on a teeter-totter regarding career choices for over 20 years. Two years ago I committed to transforming my life. I’ve been on that journey ever since…read lots of books and participated in numerous “spiritual” groups.

    About a month or so ago I discovered Centerpoint.com…Wow!! I am amazed at the people, books, websites and information that constantly flows to me guiding me to finding my life’s purpose.


  132. Jim Says:

    Thanks for the invitation! While we feel we understand
    our purpose in life fairly well, and tools or knowledge
    to help us refline it,accelerate it and understand it
    even better is a blessing!

  133. Michele Rusconi Says:

    Funny how you think some thoughts and a couple of days later
    stumble on someone who’s acting on them ;-)I agree that if
    everyone would focus on their purpose, wars and poverty
    would be no more.
    I have not yet found my whole purpose yet, but definitely
    know that following gut feeling is the right thing. After 14
    years of yearning to go back to Africa, I took the plunge.
    Somehow, everything seemed to take care of
    itself along the way. Now all I have to define more clearly
    is what exactly I will do here ;-) Wishing you all the best
    on your personal quest. It feels amazing when you’re aligned!

  134. Linda Says:

    I am in! I am committed to living my life’s purpose. I am
    excited about the goal of unifying 1 million (or more!)
    people to living their purpose and therefore elevating
    everyone’s vibrations and manifesting a better world. I do
    this not for myself, but for all. I have a video vision
    board - I invite you to search “mind movie world peace”
    at YouTube and watch the Mind Movie for World Peace and
    Prosperity - it will help you in your quest of your life’s
    purpose and accelerate the effects to be gained by your

  135. Trish Says:

    I am committed to ending the suffering and my life’s purpose
    is to live and teach that “there is a softer, gentler way to
    think, to feel to be”. Consciousness is the key, kindness is
    the catalyst to healing ourselves and our world. Glad to be
    a part of this timely movement and community of like minded
    souls. Let the journey continue :)Trish D.

  136. Joanne Says:

    With no surprise, this came at the perfect time! I totally commit to finding my life’s purpose and living it! Thank you so much for your free gifts and the help you are offering! I am there all the way.
    With Gratitude,

  137. Melissa Says:

    I quickly registered on your site after reading the email. My thoughts were running rampant “Is this what I have been looking for?” I’ve read The Secret many times and was a part of “A New Earth” web series. I have read all the messages on your blog so far and feel blessed to be a part of your vision for a better world. I hope you reach and surpass your goal and that each and every one of us take your vision to millions more.
    Many thanks!

  138. Carol Says:

    Thank you for your commitment!! I’m excited to make a commitment to discover My Life’s
    Purpose and Take Action to live that Purpose and make a
    positive impact on the world.

    We are all in this together!

  139. Gina Bell Says:

    A favourite quote that I try to live my life by is:

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    I feel so blessed to be witnessing (and part of) such an obvious global shift in awareness. It is a beautiful thing.


  140. Jake Crowson Says:


    thanks for revealing your vision to all of us. I get it.
    This vision is in process now. It will take a collaborative
    effort and acceptance which I see occuring in your writing.

    Again, thanks,

    Jake Crowson

  141. Valerie Says:

    Count me in. This encapsulates all that I am groping towards. truly long fro for

  142. Evet Says:

    Thank You so much Jim for giving from yourself to help others. What a wonderful gift. I am also starting in this journey of finding my true life purpose in life and I really appreciate the help. I look forward to learning from you and others, how to reach my fullest potential.

  143. Jena Says:

    I have been working full time for a few years now with a
    very powerful, accurate and extremely simple system of
    working out your life purpose and life lesson from
    your fingerprints. Your fingerprints are unique and show
    what you need to work on and what will make you feel most

    I was taught this system by Richard Unger, founder of
    the International Institute of Hand Analysis.

    His book on the subject (LifePrints) only came out last year
    although he and his students from all around the world
    have been using the technique for many years with great

    It’s a kind of cosmic joke really. The information we have
    all been searching for is right at our fingertips!

  144. Bev Doucette Says:

    I have been teaching at a local community college for 24
    years and have a passion for what I do. For the past two
    years I have felt the insatiable calling to open a wellness
    center where people can come to heal from the inside out and
    I have been preparing to do that with study in energy healing
    modalities. I am ready to move forward and live my life on
    purpose, and with purpose, for where I am “now”….and I am
    excited about the journey that lies before me and being on
    board with this amazing group of people. What a blessing…
    thank you Jim.

  145. Danette Hibberd Says:

    What a wonderful initiative. I too have discovered my
    life’s purpose, and am loving every minute.

    Sadly, there are too many people today who want a better
    life, want more fulfillment, and think they know how to
    get it. But do they take the necessary action? Indeed not.

    With support and guidance, we can shift their way of thinking
    and their behaviour and actually see the results.
    As author of the “How to Find the Goddess in You” series, I
    have laid out the blueprint for achieving the life of your
    dreams and provide that guidance and support.

    We can make a difference to so many, and enjoy the ride.

    Danette Hibberd

  146. Rob Says:

    I will start by thanking Bill Harris for directing me to this site. I thank you Jim for the opportunity to better myself and those around me. I have always wanted to find ways to help the less fortunate (in this country and around the world) and really never knew how. I have started the wonderful adventure of self acceptance and understanding. Although I am very new to this thinking and acting I am looking forward to reaching my true potential and being able to accomplish all that I desire. This project would be one of my main desires. Positive power and people will prevail.. Have a blessed day and THANK YOU!!!

  147. Robin Says:

    I always knew I was “one in a million”! Now everyone else will know it as well! Count me in as a member of this search for our purpose in life!

  148. Megan Says:

    What a great initiative Jim. I have read all the comments. If all make this commitment to living their purpose what a difference that will create. I also commit to make this journey. Haven’t a clue what it is at this stage but excited about the possiblities.

  149. Judy Says:

    my purpose is to show the people of newfoundland around the world the freedom they grew up in.
    I want to remind them through my stories about this feedom here in this beautiful province.

    my intentions are to write the stories I know.

  150. maryann Says:

    Thank you for the invitation. This intentional wave will transform the world and I am delighted to be a participant. Time to enlarge the scope of my own purpose and play in a much bigger game.

  151. Kenneth Holk Says:

    How funny it is. I have just started to live my purpose and now I came across this!!
    My purpose: I will give away one million trees for free to devoted people.

  152. Andrew Gee Says:

    Hello all
    I’m truly ready to find my true purpose in life.
    For years I have been looking for something, without knowing
    what it was I was looking for. Life was sort of weird and
    strange, the responsibilities of raising a family just too
    much to take at times. You know the glass half empty instead
    of half full sort of stuff.
    I have a wonderful family and life but felt like there
    was always something missing.
    I have only recently started to change my mindset and
    outlook on life from one of living with fear and anxiety.
    I am now more than ready to open up myself to the universe.

  153. Marie-Claire Guillaume Says:

    Yes please - count me in. At 65, high time to leave my comfot zone (actully not very confortable at all). Thanks for the invite. PS - Took me two days to actually commit so I know I am ready.

  154. Shoshee Says:

    Finding & living my purpose has been a goal, but always very scary to me as I don’t know what this will look like.
    However, I am committed to finding my purpose & living it fully.

  155. Kathy Payne Says:

    I’m excited about finding my purpose and living it!

  156. Joanne Brown Says:

    I would love to discover my life purpose. For the past few years I have been acutely aware that I
    not living a “passionate life”. I truly want to identify my purpose but despite reading a number of books aimed at helping me discover this, the answer eludes me. I am looking forward to reading your book and doing the exercises. I am going to ask my friends the three questions that you have suggested on this blog. This quest is far too important to give up on. I realise that and I thank you for living your purpose to help people discover it.

  157. Tikky Faizuddin Says:

    Please count me in. I am looking forward to this strongly.Thank you for the wonderful hints.

  158. Lubna Faizuddin Says:

    I think this is a wonderful opprotunity for the people world wide. Peaple should wake up. We all should work together and work towards making this place a better place. Thank you very much. Please do count me in.

    Lubna - from Calgary, Canada

  159. Luke Benard Says:

    Wow, thank you all for participating!

    May their purpose quickly be revealed to all who seek it.

    I now seek to know and grow with my purpose.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  160. Clara Keil Says:

    I am committed to find my purpose in life.
    Each day I seem to be discovering another piece of the puzzle. I am confident that it will all become clear to me eventually

  161. Cindy Hartman Says:

    I am new at living my purpose - at the age of 55! New the entrepreneurship, I was in the corporate world for most of my life. Downsizings gave me the push I needed to pursue what was only a dream for over 30 years. One of my husband’s and my criteria was our new company had to do something that helped others. We found the right niche, and are loving what we’re doing. But this was just the beginning. I now see a greater purpose - to live the independent, entrepreneurial life and be an example to my 4 grandchildren that there are no limits - no walls - just a desire to LIVE ON PURPOSE!

  162. Patty Pizzi Says:

    Are we enjoying our selves yet? At this point we are all so excited and ready for a change.

    Right now we all have the intention to became our “ideal me” finding our own purpose in life to be able to enjoy ourselves, to live a passionate life and to give more to our family and to our community transforming the world we live in.

    We are all joining the movement, the program to a better and refine “you” to a better world. Wow, that’s a big fact, a big commitment towards the realization of your desires, the accomplishment of your own purpose.

    Therefore, we are all thinking to be who we want to be. Now we have the powerful motivation to become all we are capable of becoming. To shine, to flourish, to thrive, to satisfied our “beingness”! to share our happiness.

    Now we need to free our will and follow our desires and goals “to be what we are meant to be” to refine ourselves believing in our own potential.

    Taking action from this point we have to strongly believe in our intention, in our will. We now have to free our will to discover our own potential. We can all have the desire to be who we want to be, we can all have the skills in our hands, but if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that this is possible to achieve you are never going to enjoy yourself, you are never to find your purpose in life.

    Believing in our intentions, listening to our inner voice and following our desires will have a radical and positive impact that will change our mood and states of mind. Giving you the emotional support to became your purpose, fighting your doubts, fears and negative thoughts that are holding you back all of this time.

    Enjoy yourself and be you.

    Patty Pizzi
    A world of possibilities

  163. Terry Says:

    Go big or go home - count me in for living big with purpose!!

  164. Justin Says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I am really enjoying my search for purpose in my life and finding compasion for everyone/everything. I will definitely do my part with great gratitude. Thank you for this opportunity!

  165. Michael K Says:

    Thanks for the invite.I believe that networking with other
    purpose/success seekers (worldwide) is a great spark to
    help each other out and a step towards a world living
    in greater harmony.Im willing to do my part in any way
    i can small or large,much thanks and looking forward to
    selfdiscovery,success purpose and sharing it with all.

    Michael K

  166. Jane Foulger Says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea, it’s quite comforting to
    know so many people are on the same mission.

    It has felt like a life long search, but for many years I
    didn’t know what I was searching for.
    I too believe all will be revealed.

  167. Toua Says:

    Hi Jim,

    What a BRILLIANT idea. Count me in too.
    I am open to discovering my life’s purpose.

    I am with all the way.

    God Bless

    Lae, P.N.G

  168. emily Says:

    Dear Jim, thank you. Please count me in.
    Of late, I have this nagging need to seek
    my purpose in life.So many questions which
    I could not find answers to.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  169. Wendy M. Says:

    Thanks for the global initiative!

    I am one who always has believed Life Purpose is Key to
    Yet, for years, I am still not quite sure what MINE IS!!!
    I have inklings; but have no sure “YES, This is what it is.”

    So, I re-commit to discovering what it is and living

    Thank you!

  170. Marcia Meunier Says:

    Thank you for this invitation Jim. For a few years I have had an inkling of what my purpose is, however I want a clearer picture and guidance on how to live it everyday. I want to help make the world a better place, one moment at a time. Thank you so much.

  171. Gene Says:

    Thank you Jim for beginning such a worthwhile project. You can count me in.

    By the way folks, hold on to your hats because once you become aware of your life’s purpose you success in all areas of life kicks into overdrive.

    Jim made an important statement everyone would be wise to memorize: “The more intimately connected you are to your purpose, to doing exactly what it is that your passions and talents have suited you to in the service of others, the better off the world will be.”

    Again, I thank you Jim,


  172. Camille Says:

    Living an inspired life…awakened by an open heart and committed to serving the transformation of my 6.7 billion siblings.

    Yes I know this is a very large influence I aspire to, yet the essence of my contribution will emerge from my own growth and transformation and its natural impact on humankind’s shared destiny to evolve. Let me be the change I want to see.

    As to how my purpose can be expressed in action (what I do, what form it takes in contribution)…well that’s the how-come of my signing up for the What’s my Purpose teleseminar.


  173. Tina Rogers Says:

    Each of us has a unique depth of talent, one area in which we absolutely excel more than any other. It’s time for us all to believe in our unique talent(s) and theyn use them to the advantage of everyone. I’m on the path and encourage all to be on their own journey.

  174. Everal Says:

    Fulfilling your purpose in life, is putting to action to that
    which you believe is reason for leaving your mark in existence.

  175. dominique Says:

    i am thrilled and delighted,
    just this morning i remembered i hadn’t followed through on
    finding and living my purpose. so i made a commitment to
    stop putting everyone and everything in front of me, to stop
    living small. at present i am disabled living with chronic
    pain, single mum of 4.
    finally finding my purpose, living a life of joy,abundance
    peace,prosperity, health will be a welcome salve for my soul..
    thankyou so much i already feel very blessed to be a part of
    the groundswell . cheers to a new on purpose planet

  176. Roy Says:

    Doing your exercises, particularly the one where we were to
    choose three people we know and write what about them makes
    us think that they know and live their purpose, was very
    enlightening. In all three cases the common demoninator -
    for me - was the sheer joy they display on a daily basis.
    I look forward to being able to find that same level of pure

  177. Jo Says:

    I committo finding my lifes purpose and I am grateful to have been led to your movement Jim.
    I am excited to be one of the million and experience the power of the ripple effect troughout the world.

  178. Marcia Says:


    Living our purpose should be fundamental. Yet many of us live our lives without knowing what our purpose is. Thank you for your effort to help us break through to real understanding.

  179. Suzy Says:

    I’m IN! I think I’ve found my purpose in general
    however not specific if that’s possible and of course
    it can change. Always looking for new approaches to
    help me confirm I’m going in the right direction.
    This should be great!

  180. PMG Nampoothiri Says:

    I have already found my purpose of for my life.It is for establishing a chain of small hospitals for poor fishermen in Kerala(India).The project will make reasonable profit.But unable to raise resources for capital investment.Minimum requirement is 1 M US$.Who will give it?Thanks

  181. PMG Nampoothiri Says:

    I have found my Purpose of Life.It is establishment of a
    chain of small hospitals for poor fishermen in India.
    It is not purely charity,it will make reasonable profit.
    The minimum requirement is 1 M US $.Who will give me?

  182. Roy Webb Says:

    I live in Perth, Western Australia; I’m 73 years of age, and never been so excited, as I wind up to launch a franchise business that I know will spread around the world. I am doing everything I can to help me get there, so I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  183. Tammie Says:

    Dear Jim,

    I am so excited - what an awesome idea!
    I truly believe that finding my Life’s Purpose
    is why I am here, but doing so has not been easy,
    I am still searching.

    I know that I have come a very long way in the
    past couple of years, but I know there is more.
    Count me in!

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  184. Jillian Says:

    My purpose is helping people; I do it on a regular basis. I am open and excited about more specifics as to how I overall assistance to mankind will evolve.

    With compassion,


  185. MIchelle Says:

    I, Michelle Lydon, and committing to finding my purpose in life and living it!

  186. Natalie Says:

    Dear Jim,

    I am honoured to be part of such a noble campaign.

    I am very happy with my life but often find myself asking
    “What is my purpose”?

    I can think of no better time to challenge myself and REALLY
    find the answer to that question while being part of something
    so much bigger than me and the answer I find.

    Thank you for the opportunity and assistance in my personal

    Count me in!


  187. Elizabeth Says:

    Atma Namaste’ Jim,
    What a blessing you offer as a roadmap to finding purpose in the lives we live. The discovery of one’s true purpose changes every perspective in all aspects of our lives. I feel I am moving in the direction of my purpose and I trust that along with you and everyone who has had the courage to sign up, I will know my purpose and live it from the depth of my being.
    Thank you so much.

  188. Robert Says:

    Thanks you Jim for giving me this opportunity for the adventure of exploring the concept of “What is My Purpose? I’m really looking forward to the journey. Also, by the way, I will be wanting to order the complete copy of your book!



  189. CarolAnn Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity Jim. I have worked on my inward purpose
    and feel that I know who I am, recognize my personal value, and believe
    fully in my ability to shape and change my outward life accordingly. As
    another “old hippy” the things I think are the direction of my life don’t seem
    to fit into a realistic pattern. I look forward to finding out what the real
    purpose and direction of my life is. Once again, thank you for being the
    one person who is willing to actually share their goals, for free, to those
    who need it.

    Wishing all joy,

    Carol Ann

  190. Sandy Says:

    Count me in!!

  191. Liza Says:

    Several years ago when I became ordained as a minister I was given the opportunity to write a personal mission statement. It is an awesome process that leads to knowing ones life purpose. Whenever I feel a bit out of sorts I just repeat my mission statement and I am back on a positive track. My mission statement is: To help individuals and small business’ grow by providing a vehicle to bring forth their dreams into reality.

    Soon I will be able to devote more time to help others as I am down-sizing for the 3rd time.

    The indigenous people knew all along that we don’t really own anything we are given the opportunity to be a good steward. In the process of release I have been given so much more.

    I rejoyce in this mission and am in gratitude for your concern to put this all together.

    In Love, Light and Laughter,


  192. Maya Says:

    Wow! This is a fantastic idea and I’m really excited
    about taking part.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this.


  193. Lana Says:

    I read an e-mail that let me know Bushes administration has put a 2 year moratorium on all solar instalations on public lands. Knowing my purpose is to be a steward of the Earth I asked:”What’s next ?” and opened up the link that brought me here …talk about Synchronicity…

    I am in, Lana

  194. Erica R. Says:

    Each day, I work hard to move towards my purpose, whatever it is. I’m embracing my talents as a means of discovering what it is I can offer the world that contains the seed of joy as well as service.
    I’m so glad that you’ve created a place to engage in the discussion of our life’s purpose.

    Right now, I’d say my life’s purpose is to use my talents - speaking, writing, encouraging - to help people find sustainable, joy-producing life strategies.

  195. Sandy G Says:


    I have been on a mission to find my life’s purpose for the last 2 years, that’s when I started getting very strong feelings that there was supposed to be more to my life and that I was here for a reason. I have been reading, listening and watching everything I can get my hands on and trying to focus on finding my true passions. I am still looking for my purpose, I know that I am here to help people and to serve others and I believe that I know how (I have been told by 4 people, none of which I know, that I have been doing this throughout all of my lifetimes) I feel that it is right, even though I have no experience or knowledge of this field. I commit to finding my life’s purpose, now is the time and I have never been more ready. All things happen at the right time and I believe that this is not just my time, but time for many, many people too. I am very grateful for you finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose, so that we may find ours.

    Blessings to you,

  196. francis Says:

    I am in

  197. Josephine Colahan Says:

    Dear Jim

    It is so exciting to read your words!

    I have known my passion for the abundance of the natural world for my whole life but never knew how to express that to others so they were touched, moved and inspired by my passion. At the end of 2006 I was resting on my camp stretcher under the stars in the Tanami Desert and recognised it was not enough for me to love and live this wonderful life, journeying over the beautiful face of this Earth who supports us so bountifully. That night I designed the life I wanted to live in addition to the wonderful one I already was living. For me to accomplish this I had to be someone I had never been before. This exciting challenge brought me to network marketing where self expression is the name of the game. Now I can live the life I love, out in the natural world, and share this passion with many others. I can make a difference in their lives while benefiting the Earth I love. You can get an understanding of the vision of the company I represent by watching this 5 minute video: http://bodhitree.mienterprize.com

    Love, Josephine

  198. Virgilio A. Santos Says:

    Hi Jim:

    I have spent the best years of my life working with multinational companies from USA and Europe selling flavors to the food and allied industries in the Philippines. What I have accomplished in that long years for these companies in sales turnover is extraordinary. I did it through hard work, persistence, patience, prayer, positive attitude, focus and right strategy. Because of my experience, knowledge of the market and network, A US based company availed of my services after my early retirement in late 2006. I promised myself that I would really help this company to succeed in Philippines and expand in Asia. I would like to do it in 3-5 years and then leave sales for good.
    Although I was very successful, the lack of concern of some of my clients really hurt me in the sense that they treated you like a beggar, begging for every business. I can safely say at this point, that if you want to develop your patience, go to sales.

    As I try to ponder in all those years in sales, I ask myself ” am I really made for selling “? Is this my purpose in life?

    I hope to get clearer picture by joining your group if I can afford it.

    We are in one world, your effort would surely unite us to make it a better place to live.


  199. Brenda McAteer Says:

    I have not found my purpose yet but am absolutely committed to the search. I am excited to begin this journey to finally know what it is I’m here for!

  200. cathy Says:

    I know my purpose. The trick is shifting to live in completely.
    ….it’s every little step….

  201. Kimberly Says:

    I am definitely commited to living my life’s purpose. And as I accept this journey of discovery - I am also surprise of the fear I have in my stomach as to how close I am to learning Who I am meant to be in this world. I get a high out of being in service to others. My heart feels complete when I make a difference in the life of anyone who crosses my path. And yet I am still searching for my purpose as well as how to chanel this into a career that I love.

    Thank you for your invitation. I look forward to discovering My Purpose in Life!

  202. Christel Werenskiold Says:

    I HAVE discovered my life’s purpose:

    My purpose: to leave the world a little better,
    than when I entered it. To use all my skills, competencies,
    energy and enthusiasm to help others, to spread light,
    laugther and love around and to grow as a person everyday.
    To strive to be the best person I know how to be.
    All the time……..
    Easy to say. Hard to do. I fail a lot. But I find tremendous
    comfort in the fact, that failing is part of the process.
    You can’t help learning….
    Hope this has been helpful/useful.

  203. Romona Says:

    Jim, this is an awesome idea. Thanks to people like you,
    Oprah, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf, my year has been great.
    I made a 2008 commitment that this would be the year that
    I would find my purpose. It just keeps unfolding. I can’t
    wait to read your book!

  204. Ida Says:

    I am committed to discovering, and living, my life’s purpose. Although I believe I know my general path for this lifetime, recently I haven’t felt as sure about it as I would like to. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to make myself, and the world, a little better!

  205. Bella Says:

    I haven’t fully figured out my purpose but I’m getting there… also realising that I might need some help making the necessary changes… looking forward to it.

  206. Jean Says:

    A friend send me here, it is great,
    I and very excited about finding MY PURPOSE!

  207. Ben Says:

    I have been on a self-discovering journey for about 2 years now and have finally found my own purpose. I couldn’t be happier! My main issue has been changing my environment (the people I associate with).

    In the last year alone, I’ve become a self-help junky, but most importantly is I have a renewed and stronger than ever relationship with God. Through a relationship with God, one will FIND their purpose! Like a lot of people, I use to wonder, “What is the meaning of life?” What are we REALLY here to do?

    Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life said it best…Life is PREPERATION FOR ETENITY. Our life on Earth is but a dot compared to how long will live in Heaven or Hell. Lets hope it’s the former! :) All God truly wants men and women to do is help the billions here on Earth to develop a relationship with Him. He wants to get to know you so that He can mold you into the likeness of His image…God himself!

    I know that my own calling is to help a man and a women form a Proverbs 31 marriage. This is the ultimate marriage God intended for both. I’m excited as I become a professional matchmaker/life coach and impact many, many lives.

    PS- Rick Warren is truly a man of God. I’ve had the privilege of seeing him and his wife at their Saddleback church service in Lake Forest, CA. That place is changing lives! A recommended good read is his wife, Kay Warren’s own personal story, which was very touching. It’s called “Dangerous Surrender.”

    May you live your life with purpose,


  208. Allison Says:

    Fantastic idea thank-you Jim for the invitation to join in ‘living my
    purpose’ something I have become consciously dedicated to achieving over
    the past 18 months and with gratitude will look forward to learning all
    that you have to teach us love to all
    Allison G

  209. Debbie Says:

    I don’t know what my purpose is yet, but I am here for a reason!

    Thanks Jim

  210. Duncan Says:

    I am fully committed to finding and living my life’s purpose. I am also committed to enjoy the journey to its’ discovery. Like Juan Ponce De Leon, the quest for the Fountain of Youth, is often the quest for the Self. May the smiles that you shine upon others light your way to your Self.


  211. Keena Says:

    Count me in!
    I think I know my life’s purpose (art), but am seeking conformation and how to make it a full-time career.

    Brightest blessings!

  212. Mark Carver Says:

    While I admire the intent of the Jim’s teaching it misses the mark. One can’t find their own purpose by looking within. You find your purpose by discovering “it’s not about you”; it’s about discovering God’s eternal purposes and aligning your life with them. This subject was addressed well in the best selling book by Rick Warren, “The Purpose Driven Life.” Any other path to “purpose” is as Solomon said, “a striving after the wind.”

  213. Judy Says:

    Hi Jim
    I have endeavoured to find my life’s purpose for a long time. I have worked at something
    which I know benefits others, doing the best job for those I work with, but my life still
    feels like there is something missing. I want to do something I like and inspires me and
    is purposeful.
    Look forward to reading your book

  214. aafaq Says:

    hi there
    Its nice to see so many people with a PURPOSE and i have been amazed by JIM’s concept its wonderful feeling that i am a part of it has taken up my spirit to handle the present situations for over few days i am with you all guys…
    aafaq from india

  215. Stephanie Melicharek Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Excellent goal. You’ve verbalized what I’ve been thinking
    for some time about the state of the world. Too many are
    living the purpose of others and not their own. In the US,
    many are living the purpose of a marketing machine that
    creates a culture of want and lack and calls it a “high
    standard of living.” Like you, I say ENOUGH!

    My purpose is to enlighten, entertain and empower others
    through my writing. I have known this to be my purpose
    since I was able to write. I have not committed to
    actually living this purpose until now. So thank you for
    the challenge and the opportunity to come out of hiding.
    I’m looking forward to the changes that manifest as a result
    of our intentions.

  216. Jeanne May Says:

    What a fantastic project to become involved with.

    Although I have an understanding of what my purpose is, the details on how to deliver it to others and live it for myself, are somewhat vague at times.

    And like many others, my purpose becomes clearer as I get older.


  217. Jim Loesch Says:

    Great idea - together we can make a difference in the world and in each others lives. Purpose to have a mastermind group locally so that every one may win. It really is Win-Win!

  218. Adriana Says:

    I do share Your passion. Thats a movement whose time has
    come. I think we can all make a difference. I know that
    this mission can only make this place a better world
    to live in.

  219. Othman Says:

    Very inspiring!

  220. Peder Andersen Says:

    Hi Jim
    This is a great topic you have here. Most people don’t really know what their purpose is, other than watch the TV. But there is some that want a little more from life and I am proud to be among thoose. Thanks to our mutual friend Debbie Bermont I now know a lot more what I want and also know that I will get it. So you have one more to count to your million. I am sure we will both benefit from this and go the same path to our unlimited purpose.

    Peder Andersen

  221. Denise Says:

    Jim, I’m so thankful for your work. Having grown up
    in an “under-served” community where lack mentality was the
    norm,I knew I had to leave to survive, much like your story.

    I’ve come full circle and have always known that sharing my
    story and helping empower others is my life’s purpose. It’s
    only been in the last few years that I’ve gotten brave
    enough to start acting on it - thanks to people like you and
    John Assaraf. Looking forward to learning more from you.

  222. Karen the LairMistress Says:

    Hello, Jim and everyone–

    I got here (and downloaded the bonus chapters of your book)
    via the MindMovies folks. I am a folk musician/songwriter,
    among other things, as a means of getting off the treadmill
    sort of life. I’m not sure what the purpose is behind the
    stuff I do, but it’s quite interesting to meditate on. I
    have a lot of different interests, which makes it a bit
    difficult to pinpoint one thing that my life is about

    Trouble is, I am a bit distrustful toward “life’s purpose”
    talk. I have a serious problem with religious talk of God/
    Higher Power having a “purpose” or “plan” for one’s life.
    It keeps suggesting to me that I’m not allowed to accomplish
    what I really WANT to do; that someone/something else is
    pulling the strings and calling the shots, and that I’m going
    to be dragged into someone else’s agenda whether I like it
    or not. I really don’t want anyone making “plans for my
    life” without consulting me first; I want to take an active
    role in designing and executing said plans, and I want to
    make pretty darn sure that I like whatever the plan is. I
    DON’T want to be some passive little windup toy that just
    heads in the direction I’m pointed. I also have serious
    trouble trusting God, ever since my all-time favorite
    musician died suddenly 11 years ago, just as I was arranging
    to take vocal classes with him–a major life-goal and dream
    of mine, which completely went up in smoke when this person
    died. This has made me even more determined that I don’t
    want anyone else planning my life out for me without
    consulting me about it first. It’s hard to achieve anything
    when you think the Supreme Being is actively sabotaging all
    your efforts purely out of meanness, or something.

    Anyway, I want to perform music and be successful at it,
    like most of my heroes and role models have been. I’m still
    trying to figure out the purpose behind all this activity,
    as well as trying to regain faith and trust in things turning
    out as I’d like them to do. In any case, best wishes for
    all your efforts…

    –Karen Olsen
    Seattle, WA USA

  223. Rita Says:

    Wow, I have asked that question of myself for sometime,
    but now I believe I am ready to hear, and “live” the answer!
    Thanks, Jim for being a great role model!..

  224. Rita Says:

    Wow, I have asked that question of myself for sometime,
    but now I believe I am ready to hear, and “live” the answer!
    Thanks, Jim for being a great role model!..

  225. Matthew Says:


    I honor your commitment to gaining
    clarity and inspiring other’s to
    discover their true purpose.

    John McCain touched on something
    very recently… He mentioned how
    what’s going on in the world right
    now is a result of a mindset (economy,
    doom and gloom, etc.)

    I think the world is in denial right
    now about how we got to the current
    state of instability…

    So thank you for living on purpose! :)

    Btw - my mission is to heal the
    ever widening gap at the very
    core being of humanity, helping
    people bust their shackles, step into
    their freedom, and smile!

    My vision - A world in the moment! :)

    We’re definitely aligned my friend. :)

    Looking forward to your teleseminar


    Matthew Detrick

  226. jacqueline Says:

    well…here we find ourselves, on the net…joiining this blog…a commitment to find our lifes purpose, without a purpose, what is life, and as we see our world today, the biggest purpose we can all aspire to is PEACE On EARTH, since i was a child and learned of wars, and hunger i never could gain any understanding of why one human would wish to hurt another, to this day, i still have no understanding of this, my purpose, is i am eithewr going to be given an understanding of why this is, has been and still is, war, etc, or i am going to be a vital part of bring peace on earth, and to all mankind.

  227. Ben T. Says:

    I am with you, Jim!

  228. Dee M. Says:

    My first questions were “Why am I here?”. I have yet to find an answer to this question. I am still seeking this answer. That is why I am here at this site.

  229. Sarah Says:

    As you said, change is difficult - it’s hard work, but the gifts it brings once you start to shift into aligment really charge your heart and inspire creativity and positive energy. I am passionate about helping women become leaders in their own lives as well as leaders in the lives of others. Thank you for helping to inspire others to become clear about their life purpose. Through couragous personal exploration people will continue to ignite their sparkle and serve as a beacon - lighting the path to positive change. Congratulations!

  230. Bill Says:

    Thanks . . . it seems like this is already gaining momentum. I have been searching for my purpose for several years — not quite there yet, but getting close. Would like to pass on this quote - from Martha Graham to Agnes de Mille:
    “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one you in all of time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium. It will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, now how valuable it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate YOU. Keep the channel open. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive.”
    So, yes, finding our purpose IS THAT important!

  231. Mara Says:

    Hey Jim, Thank you very much for your invitation. I have been l
    looking for a purpose all my life long. Sometimes I thought I
    I found it but after some time I felt there must be more. I reall
    intensively hope I’ll find it through your seminar.
    Dearest regards, Mara

  232. CJ Says:

    Its been a tough couple of days….I am searching for something
    and I don’t know what it is…..its waiting for me but I am
    having difficulty reaching out to it. I need help getting there
    Thank you so much Jim! this is indeed a great opportunity for me

  233. Carol Says:

    I have been searching for why I am here for so long, it always seems just out of reach. I am sooo ready to reach out and grab the thread that is dangling before me. Thank you for the opportunity of finally reaching my gold ring! I am ready to claim my passion and life’s purpose now!


  234. Natalia Says:

    Good initiative! I am ready to find and live my true life’s purpose. It is a big achievement to know exactly “WHY” do you joyfully get up in the morning. I would really love to find mine “WHY”.
    best wishes to everyone :-)

  235. Kay Mann Says:

    I’ve made the commitment to live life on purpose; I see bits and pieces, not there yet. I definitely think it changes as we go through different stages of our life and grow as people. To find our own purpose, we must help others find theirs.


  236. Jeanne May Says:

    Some people are fortunate to know at an early age what their life purpose is even if they have inkling about what it could be. When we’re always drawn to a particular field of work or interest this may hold the key to what our life purpose is. Sometimes my life purpose is reasonably clear to me and other times it is very hazy!

    I’m looking forward to learning how to maintain my clarity!


  237. Sheila G Says:

    I affirm that I am ready to find and live my true life’s purpose, I send a signal to the uni
    universe by my commitment, of my willingness to take my success, happiness and
    prosperity forward. I am looking forward to the shifts taking place in my life
    which bring me closer to fully realizing my true life’s purpose.

    Let there be life on earth and let me be a free flowing point of light.

  238. Dora Says:

    Thanks Jim. I knew my purpose when I was a little kid but had lost in the “should” of life and other people’s expectations. I am energized when I realize that my desire to live authentically is not a lonesome journey, and I join the other millions to live on purpose.


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